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Poem – Where Chaos is Held at Bay

Moments the chaos is held at bay when the pine filled sky sways and the ravens visit and the earth releases pungency. Each weeks struggle to fit in to complete what is expected to fulfil obligations takes its toll on the mind, the body, further distancing my connection to the forest and each animal, a […]
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Looking for Peace

An early morning walk through a November-drenched park with Leroy, Alaskan coffee, and music. As the wind blew hard off the lake, yet the pace was slow and purposeful, I chose “Lost in the Chambers of the Sea”, by Startle the Heavens (Ben Leopard). Starting off brisk and cloudy, we watched thousands of ducks float […]
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Retreat – Challenges and Setbacks

An update on the wildlife retreat we have been working on the past 2-years.  The first phase is done and we will take the winter off and enjoy the trees and bird songs.  Phase two, which will be prairie grass restoration, starts in the spring of next year.  Along with the joy of the various […]
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Out of touch a bit

Since getting back from Alaska, I have been out of touch with this blog, friends blogs, and generally anything outside of a close sphere of personal projects and work.  And writing anything has been a challenge.  It seems my mind has become a blank slate, and the pieces I was working on, are drifting elsewhere. […]
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Alaska – Photos of Moose

The following are all of the moose photos that I took in Alaska, near Fairbanks.

Alaska, Day 5

The day started with breakfast at the Cookie Jar.  Amped up with enough coffee, we spent the rest of the day moose hunting along the Chena Hot Springs road, starting near Fairbanks and winding its way east for 55 or so miles.  Along the way, we hiked a couple of trails, one to the top […]
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Alaska, Day 4 – Wildlife

We have been fortunate regarding the weather and wild life here in Alaska.  Quite honestly, this has been the best trip I have taken here.  We made it to Denali National Park yesterday and had an awesome hike along and above the Tenana River. Moose and marmots are not shy creatures, and do not care […]
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