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Poem – Small Moments Lasting a Lifetime

The biting cold of wind carrying water off the lake. A sun rising behind the grey storm clouds still in the distance. Ice encased tree on the rocky point. Frozen mist carried along the surface. Berries cling to barren branches providing food to robin and chickadee.

Poem – In the Distant Valley

A wanderer of the frozen lands, I stopped at the edge. A silence wrapped in wind and ice scattered across the valley and we took shelter beneath overhanging rock. In the morning after the fire we hiked 7 days to the distant valley steeped in legends of living spirits and the black wolves guarding the […]
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Poem – Through the Forest

Through the forest with only my thoughts and the morning sun reflecting off ice and snow. Through the forest the sky moves and the cold wind shuffles and conceals. The previous days fall away, my mind begins to empty and the wind carries away the fragments. Free of what is no longer needed the feelings […]
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Poem – Voice

Through the open window a voice whispering garbled words drifted in with the autumn breeze filled with the sea. Through the morning light reflecting off floating dust I walked to the window overlooking the center of town. Empty fountain, streets, and cafe tables sat in the mountain shadows. In the distance a church steeple rises […]
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Poem – Perseverance

Storms rolled through last week. Weak and old trees toppled to the ground or fell into a neighbor or landed on the wire fencing with the orange flags. Near the pole barn smaller trees were uprooted but the metal roof still looks new, the green roof glistening when wet. What little birch are mixed with […]
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Poem – Wind

Scouring the landscape the earth is overturned and what was buried and waiting surfaces and life continues the journey.

Poem – Into the Sky…

We gaze from the wet earth from the snow piles and appreciate the warm sun and the wind through pine masking distant city sounds.

Poem – Transition

The first day of March and we walk through the thin snow covered trails and off the path into the woods. The winter sky keeps no secrets but the wind teases of spring and the reemergence of life.  

Poem – Alone

I heard the whisper before they did. And both heads turned toward the forest in silence or curiosity as the wind left us here alone.

Poem – The Depth of November

November is the transition of fall to winter. November gives up the red, orange, yellow, and gold for brown into grey. The sky gains depth, definition, and clarity. November is laid bare at your feet and we head within ourselves to find warmth and answers to the probing questions and immediate need to cope with […]
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