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  • Poem – A Visit

    Just a few hours after arriving we were visited by the guardians of the north shore… With fresh snow 4 to 6 inches deep we cleared a trail into the woods. Waking that morning, the Aussies were unsettled and more vocal than normal. Following the path, we crossed that of a wolf visiting overnight.

  • Poem – The Ancients

    Scattered across the window Overlooking the rocky outline Of the lake shore. Cast from the memories of thousand years Together we embrace as the fire Fills the black sky with our own universe And the reflection of the time we have endured And the souls we have emerged as on the other side. Standing side…

  • Poem – Empty

    With an empty mind free of obstructions we can see and hear everything. Each leaf in the tree canopy – each breath across the sea – each grain of sand. Walking across the empty field we hear each foot step and see the wolf before it sees us.

  • Poem – See, Turn, and Return

    (1) What defines the human spirit when we are pushed to our limits? What ghosts are we chasing through day and night? Are ghosts chasing us through valleys and up mountains? (2) I see the moon in a dewdrop, does the moon see me? I look across the river as the black wolf approaches. I…

  • Poem – Winter Songs – Part 2

    I awoke to the full moon dipping into the cold river. Light sprinkled across the untouched snow except for a single path of recent paw prints leading from the water to the distant tree line lost in the mountain shadow.

  • Poem – When Darkness Becomes All That We Know

    Grey infused frozen water consumes the last light before the fields darken. Distant planets follow me from dawn until dusk and a new world emerges where I have become one with beings and energy I do not understand yet make sense at levels I did not know existed. I left my field years before I…

  • Poem – The Raven and the Wolf

    Poem – The Raven and the Wolf

    The dream came furious and ended quickly. Remembered in fragments driven to the edge by fractures. I picked up the pieces scattered across the field. I chased the raven and the wolf carrying those I cherished most, memories of who I thought I was.

  • Poem – I awoke…

    I awoke after years of semi-concious sleep not in bed, or in some familiar place – in an empty field. Some distace away in an unknown direction two wolves played with a gold sphere.

  • Poem – White Wolf

    The white wolf Shadows the treeline Morphing into recent snowfall. Within the empty fields It disappears into nothing And I fully awake in the middle Of this field shaken, cold, and naked. Its breath warm across my face its footprints circling my body.

  • Poem – Black Wolf

    In dreams the black wolf enters the room and I sleep while it quietly cirlces the bed I awake in sweat and tears and while the room is empty I smell what left, what circled, and I know he visited. Again.