Poem – Return

Returning to the fields
where it all started
so many years ago.

It was here I decided
which path I would take
and to never look back,

even when the sun falls
and the fields are obscured
with shadows and mist.

Poem – The Last Day in This Flesh

The last time I exit the empty field,
crossing over the still black water
will be the last day in this flesh.

On the other side the machines
wait with steely patience
where they have stood for years.

When we next awaken from what seems like a dream
we will be near the base of Mons Olympus
at the start of the next life.

Poem – Questions

“Are you out there beyond the
merging of the sky and the sea?”

I ask of the ravens atop trees
lining the shoreline.

I am torn as to my place here
when I only have a few fragments

left, the rest have scattered,
on a journey through the infinite

space, speeding toward the beginning
or some abstract ending.

An anxious feeling I cannot shake
as the questions keep building.

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Poem – Silent Music of Creation

When the nearest stars are observed
and the furthest ancient light is discovered
we see what became the past far removed
from the beginning.

If we remove ourselves from physical bonds
and trivial thoughts, what used to be feeling
transforms into knowing that what is felt and tasted
is no different than the first particle sent into the void.

If we allow the light and dark matter
to return back to us, to remind us
of our own beginning we see and
hear the music of energy and motion.

If we extend our imagination
and slow the waves of energy
we see infinite colors and
and the building blocks

of a concept still mystifying
the child standing in awe in the empty fields.

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Poem – Here and Now

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As the sun sinks
into the grey water
we watch one year
become another from
atop the cliff over
the white valley.


As we run beneath the
rising moon, the moon
becomes us and we become


To the normal routine
one year has passed and
another arrived.

To the natural world,
nothing has changed as
the sun rises over the water,
birds take to the sky,
and birth and death continue.

To the human I am in this
routine and natural world,
the challenges remain, the past
is remembered, yet I have let it go
enough to not be a hindrance,
but a lesson and I vow to be better
today than I was yesterday.

I am determined to be here and now.

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Poem – I see the Lantern Everywhere

I see the lantern everywhere
and in my sleep as recurring
dreams have brought with them
a place in the empty field
filled with light and hope.

In my weakened state I cling
to this vision as the hours
and days pass and there is
seemingly no end in sight.

I cling to a vision of the buddha
ascending mountain steps
into the clouds.

With feet bound to this earth
they walk amongst ancient giants
guiding the universe since birth.

With feet free of the earth they
gather light and expose the
shadows and creatures in the forests.

Poem – Let Go

There is something in the forest
seen and not seen, the light
scatters, ebbs, and flows.

I am being watched and
I feel safe and not threatened.

I walk toward that light
with outstretched arms
and feel warmth as I
enter the beginning
far removed from the end.


Poem – Pain

The night falls quickly
as the sun escapes the horizon
and reaches across the calm sea
to the shoreline where a lone
figure stands atop boulders.

There is no sound and no trees move.
In the absolute silence no words are spoken.

We can only guess the thoughts,
the circumstances that brought this
being here, that transpired through
time, actions, and experiences.

Will they ever speak?
Do they see the portal
reaching back in time,
arriving from the beginning?

Do they see there is more
out there and that we are
human and we all have pain?

If everything else is stripped away
and two people are standing side-by-side
they each feel, breath, have desires,
emotions, and each needs hope.

Why bring more pain upon us
when getting through each day is enough?

First Light: The Dark Age of the Universe

The following video talks about the birth of the universe and the dark ages.


Poem – Layered Sky

Layered autumn sky
like the waves rising
from the horizon minutes
before landing at the shore.

Sky layered like the
chapters of a life lived
and lived hard – pages
become the days counted
since the beginning of time –
that experience we survived
emerging from the fire
carrying the fragments that are left –
cooling, changing shape and
becoming the person we are.