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  • Poem – Reflections on What Proceeded Today

    Poem – Reflections on What Proceeded Today

    In the last few hours of the year.Superior is awake and talking. Waves are heard before they appear as bulges in the sea,crashing on rocks unable to freeze. The old cabin windows rattle and shake,before settling down until the next wave arrives. Pine and cedar branches weighed with snow,bobbing amidst the cold onslaught. Trees standing…

  • Poem – Preparing

    I watch the sun fall into the earth and the forest retreat into the shadows. I watch ravens make one last flight this day and the fields consume the rising moon. I try to take hold of today and let go of tomorrow. But I know changes are near and that we are not alone.

  • Changes

    A while ago I changed the name of this blog to “Senzing Zen”.  I thought it had a cool ring to it, and tried to bring some focus to my goals and purpose here.  After some thought and soul searching, I feel the name is inflated and a bit egotistical.  My journey of discovery is…

  • Changes are coming

    As 2013 ages and January falls into February, I’ve decided to make some changes.  When this blog first started it was with no real direction or goals beside focusing on writing and nature.  The name The Wasteland Here is a take on T.S. Eliot and a social jab during hard socio-econimic times. As I am…