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Home is our True Being

Home is not just where you live and return each evening.  Home is that place we hold close in our hearts and in the dreams we wake from and try with endless energy to return to. Home is not where the hat is hung, but where our subconscious retreats during times of angst and when […]
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Imagination Turning to the Sky

Poem – A Childhood in Retrospect

Shifting through photos I feel no connection, no recognition to the person with time and years ahead of them, looking to the future. Pausing at one in particular in the midst of summer, oak leaves burning with white light, the sun slowly fading into the horizon behind the hill at the street’s end. What was […]
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Poem – A Reflection in Time

The child stares into the mirror of the adult he is to become and both wonder why. the adult sees a child running through sand ahead of the waves and the look of amazement when birds take flight the child sees an adult lost black eyes cold and the look of bewilderment when he realizes […]
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Poem – War Child (Re-post)

Standing among the ruins. The child looks to the west, as the sun sets upon the land And smoke billows from the ruins. Many thoughts collide and fill the child’s mind. Thoughts no child should carry. Standing alone, afraid to look. Afraid to ask anything. Tired arms hold all that is left of this life. […]
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Poem – Silent Music of Creation

When the nearest stars are observed and the furthest ancient light is discovered we see what became the past far removed from the beginning. If we remove ourselves from physical bonds and trivial thoughts, what used to be feeling transforms into knowing that what is felt and tasted is no different than the first particle […]
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Thoughts on the Empty Field

I have written a bit about the concept of an empty field and what this means spiritually, mentally, and physically to myself as a wandering soul, a student of this life struggling to relate and come to terms with previous lives. ┬áThe empty field is the essence of the mind and energy transferred to a […]
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Poem – War Child

Standing among the ruins. He looks out over to the west, as the sun sets upon the land And the smoke billows from the ruins. Many thoughts at once run through his mind and collide. He stands alone, afraid to look. Afraid to ask. In his arms, he holds all that is left of his […]
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Poem – Untitled #2

(1) When evening light scatters across the horizon hidden behind the treeline moving to the wind and free of clouds, the orange disk fills my eyes with a field neither land nor sea but made of light and our feet walk gently upon this, though I do not see you my hand holds something and […]
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The Well is Barren

I have had a few days off of work. Before this, I came up with a great plan in my head of the projects I would work on, new words I would write, manuscripts I would submit. Days have passed and projects have collected more dust and words have vanished. I have gotten good at […]
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