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  • Poem – Escape Within Cartoons

    Snow begins to cover the empty field as the trees hold up the graying sky. I want to bury my head into the snow and mud, I want to find a way into the earth, while I do not understand where this world is going and the heavy thoughts, and when I lift my head…

  • Poem – Across the Salted Plains

    Across the salted plains We watch the sun fall The moon rise The machines sleep. In dreams spaced by 100 years I see you on the highest peak Of the homeland we once Ruled together. I woke in the snow blanketed forest Facing the morning sky. Tenants of dreams fill each fiber and neuron, I…

  • Poem – When the Snow Becomes Each Soul

    Snow falling across the empty fields we watch from behind the trees. The white winter sky falls into the fields and we are weightless. Letting go of each branch we fall into the sky. Over time we fall back into the fields.

  • Poem – Night Becomes the Day

    The empty fields will breath darkness until giving way to the increasing light. What today is hidden in shadows will slowly be revealed. What will you see when the night becomes the day?

  • Poem – Empty

    With an empty mind free of obstructions we can see and hear everything. Each leaf in the tree canopy – each breath across the sea – each grain of sand. Walking across the empty field we hear each foot step and see the wolf before it sees us.

  • Poem – Apathy

    With an apathetic look in tired eyes he turned away from the edge, hundreds of feet above the turbulent waters, and walked toward the forest, across the empty road absent of any traffic since the morning, into the cultivated fields, curiously empty, and sat next to the stone marker and finally wept.

  • Poem – Fragments from Absentia 19

    (1) In this dream I watched your silhouette dress. Sounds of the streets below carried by the autumn wind. We had a place to be but I do not remember where. I caught a glance of your eyes in the mirror and the soft blue with a hint of smile told me this was not…

  • Poem – Beyond These Eyes

    Past physical limits. Out of fingertips reach. With eyes closed the world opens unto itself, consumes itself until the ground beneath feet is gone and we stand in the vast emptiness the space, black with eyes open, yet filled with light when closed and walk upon vibrating building blocks toward the middle.

  • Poem – Daily Observations from Lutsen, MN

    Daily observations from Lutsen, MN #1 Rocky shoreline, we walked with Leroy following closely behind, grows when the sun sets and the superior water becomes frozen and black. #2 Across the blackness there is space, inhabited, desolate, empty – except today when I see each stone and each snowflake. #3 Starlight from galaxies is ancient,…

  • Poem – The Sea and the Empty Field

    I awake to a sun touching each empty element and empty seed, vessels like stem cells will sprout into anything. I think of a willow tree providing shade and shelter and one emerges. I sit beneath the spindly limbs and I remember two ships anchored at sea, braced against the November Gales their bellies empty.…