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Updates and New Name

Good evening from the land of 10,000 lakes and many forests.  Some business updates and other news. We are going to be renaming the business BIoconX Resources, LLC to BCX Resources, LLC.  We will retain the same focus and mission, but with a broader scope of products and resources. The first step in that direction […]
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Poem – Random Lines

~~~~~~~~~~~ A moment of clarity. Forced distance and disconnection. Reliance on the self. Self reflection. The inner voice surfacing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ At sea the land beomces an opening act as the water becomes the encore and focus. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ What was lost becomes clear. Mountain shadows overcome fear. ~~~~~~~~~~~~


A while ago I changed the name of this blog to “Senzing Zen”.  I thought it had a cool ring to it, and tried to bring some focus to my goals and purpose here.  After some thought and soul searching, I feel the name is inflated and a bit egotistical.  My journey of discovery is […]
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Changes are coming

As 2013 ages and January falls into February, I’ve decided to make some changes.  When this blog first started it was with no real direction or goals beside focusing on writing and nature.  The name The Wasteland Here is a take on T.S. Eliot and a social jab during hard socio-econimic times. As I am […]
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