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Essay – Guides and Turning Points

How did I get here? An important question I throw into the air while reading, writing, and drinking coffee on a cold morning with early sunlight across the fields. In this current state of being, I awoke a few years ago after sleep walking through most of my life and leaving my path up to […]
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What I am Thankful For

As with many people, I am taking this time to reflect on life and what I am thankful for.  I am in the same camp that wishes a day did not have to be set aside for us to take this time.  Why can we not be thankful each day, not only for the people […]
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Lief Magazine Celebrates Life with Reading

Review, with photos, of the Lief reading on 08/29/12.

Mix your own ambient sounds and music

Mix your own ambient sounds and music.

Crazy For the Undead

Crazy For the Undead: An Analysis of Zombies In the American Consciousness By Justin Teerlinck The circumstances vary from film to film, but you know the drill.  An epidemic or a government-created virus causes the dead to become “undead,” violent cannibals who wander aimlessly seeking only prey on living human beings.  So why are Americans […]
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A reflection on the path taken, and handling the bumps in the road.

Coming soon…

I will be posting an essay about zombies, written by my good friend Justin Teerlinck, here and at Stone Path Review.  Stay tuned.

LIEF Magazine

I am honored to share a recommendation and link to a new publication from Mike Finley and Danny Klecko called “LIEF Magazine“.  They also have a group on Facebook dedicated to this new and exciting publication.  Please download and/or read the magazine.  All comments and suggestions are welcome – please post them here or on […]
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