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Poem – Awareness, Alaska

visions of an Alaskan coastline,the low tide, and treasures from the sea. across the bay nestled in the woodsa tent covered with afternoon mist. further into the east armwe paddle along the coast. moonlit visions above the treeline as the fog has lifted,the sound reflects the coastal mountains and tidewater glaciers. ebb and flow – […]
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Poem – Revolution Rooted in Ancient Lands

40 Days become 40 years and the revolution/transformation I began culminates from the mountain peak. Into the valley life flows as the new sun rises over the range. Caribou continue their thousand mile trek across vast swaths of land following their ancestors hoofs. I teeter on this ridge and see beyond the glacier fed waters […]
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News – Mt Rainier

On May 30th,  6 climbers were reported missing and it is assumed they lost their lives to an avalanche.  They were climbing the Liberty Ridge route, one of the most technical on Mt. Rainier.  It is an area with steep climbs and frequent rock and ice fall.  I will be following up later this week […]
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Alaskan Adventure

This is from my friends in Alaska.  I have been on two trips with them and highly recommend them for a true Alaskan adventure.  And I do not get anything in return for this post! Tips on planning your Alaska Adventure Glacier Trekking l Ice Climbing l Muli-Sport Adventure Tours l Zipline Alaska is big. […]
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Poem – Untitled

Amidst the blue sky random numbers emerge from the horizon, enlarging and blocking out the sun before passing over. ~ Over the next hill where the road curves around the swift river the sky opens, stretching into the face of Matanuska glacier. ~ In the glory of each day I pause to smell the evening […]
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Alaska 2013 – Climbing Matanuska Glacier

Photos from one of the climbs of Matanuska Glacier, near Glacier View, Alaska.

Alaska 2013 – Guiding Company

For the adventure this year, I went with Exposure Alaska. This was my second expedition with them (first was in 2007).  I completed the Xxtreme Week expedition and can say this was one intense trip. I have gone with other companies for trips to Alaska and the San Juan Islands, and feel this company is […]
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Essay – Ice Climbing, Alaska 2007

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago about ice climbing in 2007 in Alaska (Matanuska Glacier).  The memory and the experience is as fresh as drinking coffee this morning.  It is seared into my being and will be a part of me for the rest of my time.  As I have aged and who […]
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Alaska Photos

I finally added photo galleries from 3 trips to Alaska.  They can be viewed here. 2007 2010 2012

Why Mt. Rainier?

Why climb Mt. Rainier?  There are other more accessible, and lower height peaks that could be attempted?  So why a mountain that on average has 2 deaths per year, one of the largest amounts of snowfalls, and many glaciers?  I first got the idea from reading “No Shortcuts to the Top”, by Ed  Viesturs.  A […]
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