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Nature – Land, a Fall Perspective

Evening approaches the valley shielded under the canopy of oak. The colors change from green began a week ago and today the carpet has become red. A southerly wind rattles the dense forest, shaking loose leaves and small branches. Other than nature it is quiet and calm. I come here for the quiet and calm. […]
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Poem – Ocean

Across sullen waters I watch the madness play out each evening. And in the morning I watch land recede until I am the ocean.

Poem – The Eye

Across vast distances of land and sea the road is lonely, the conversation sparse. In the furthest stretches of the soul we feel alone and cast eyes to the emptiness up ahead in the future and look back to the past wondering how we ended up here but we are greater than what we see […]
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Poem – Boundaries and Borders That We Find That We Cross

Standing at the shoreline I awake when the sun peaks over the horizon and the waves crawl across frozen rock and cover my feet. I do not know how long I have been here at this border between the land and the sea. I have vague recollections of why I am here. You see, years […]
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Poem – Random Lines

~~~~~~~~~~~ A moment of clarity. Forced distance and disconnection. Reliance on the self. Self reflection. The inner voice surfacing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ At sea the land beomces an opening act as the water becomes the encore and focus. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ What was lost becomes clear. Mountain shadows overcome fear. ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Poem – Layers

Why do I spend each weekend breaking sweet and back? What does each peeled layer represent? What am I looking for? Across the water lapping at my feet the land rises to the sky and the cliffs. I dream in color, I dream in green I smell warm pine and feel my skin burn as […]
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Poem – Before

Before this fire painted the sky. Water and rivers of molten earth. The sun guarding the primordial land before we arrived.

Every End Leads to a Beginning

The last day of September leads quietly into October.  Summer takes one last swipe before fall takes the reins.  The afternoon sun is bright and unfiltered – adding a golden glow around each leaf and blade of grass. Every ending, marks the beginning of something, a continuation perhaps of the previous story, or a fresh […]
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Alaska 2013 – Thoughts and Random Photos

Day 1 in Anchorage, AK. It has been 6-years since I have been here, in Anchorage. Has anything changed? Here, me? Previously I had specific goals and decisions to make during my time. Reflecting back on that time, the space I was within was turbulent, fuzzy, chaotic, twisting and turning in some kind of vortex. […]
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Poem – The Burden We Accept

(1) Remains We found remains not of the day or night not of the moon or sun but of something more primal and of the earth and soil carrying its voice from pastures to fields to the winter beds. The remains we found of creatures roaming the open space the land born of themselves. (2) […]
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