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Poem – Mountain Dust

Mountains cast their shadows across my face as the distant river fills the canyon heading toward the sea. The path these feet follow, paved years before by faces I do not know, yet I feel their presence and hear voices scattered to the ancient wind. If I peeled away the layers of each universe would […]
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Poem – Purpose

I stand on the rocky shore beneath old cedar arched toward the sky and I lose the layers I have delicately built. This scene never tires, never gets old. The sun rising from the calm water reflecting the morning mist. In moments of solitude when the circling raven further deepens my roots I find my […]
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Poem – Layered Sky

Layered autumn sky like the waves rising from the horizon minutes before landing at the shore. Sky layered like the chapters of a life lived and lived hard – pages become the days counted since the beginning of time – that experience we survived emerging from the fire carrying the fragments that are left – […]
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Poem – Layers

Why do I spend each weekend breaking sweet and back? What does each peeled layer represent? What am I looking for? Across the water lapping at my feet the land rises to the sky and the cliffs. I dream in color, I dream in green I smell warm pine and feel my skin burn as […]
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Rameses B – Review of Reborn

I first learned of Rameses B while browsing Indiegogo for music and film projects. After listening to a sample track, I knew this was the music I needed to contribute to and support. The result of this campaign is the album “Reborn“, and it was worth the wait. The layers of multiple instruments present here, […]
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Flowing Exploration

I walked in the Valley of Shadows

I walk the valley of shadow and darkness looking for you, not your physical self but the essence left behind by the deeds and missions you have accomplished and completed, the sacrifices you have made and the self shaped through layers of experiences, yet we know the real person beneath.