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2016 National Poetry Month

With April just around the corner, National Poetry Month is upon us. I will be posting selections from writers I have been influenced by over the years, including John Haines of course, to this blog and over at Stone Path Review. If anyone has suggested writers and personal favorites please share here as I would […]
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Poetry – Video of Reading

Here is a raw video of part small part of the reading from 05/04/14 for Good and Evil, sponsored by Cracked Walnut Literary Festival Reading. It took place at Coffee Bene. I read the following pieces and will post them separately: What We Must Do One Truth From the Marathon

Art of Writing – Literary Journals

Here is a list of Minnesota based literary journals, some with an international presence. The list is provided by Mike Finley and can be viewed online. Midway Journal Paper Darts Altered Scale Conduit Literary Magazine St. Paul Almanac Sleet Magazine  Spout Magazine Ivory Tower Lief Magazine Stone Path Review Talking Stick Revolver Mizna Knockout  Yellow Medicine […]
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Spring 2013 Stone Path Review

The Spring 2013 edition of Stone Path Review is now online here. The PDF and printed version will be available soon. As Winter slowly becomes Spring, we celebrate National Poetry Month, and the power and majestic beauty of nature and the mind. Featured in this issue is an interview with writer Regina Bou and work […]
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Today’s Music

To wash away the stress that is life, I have given myself to Richard Skelton and Olafur Arnalds. Wading into the pool of ambient, classical, and slightly electronic, my mind is able to step back, regroup, and dive back in. This weekend is filled with poetry readings and other literary events around the Twin Cities […]
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LIEF Magazine

I am honored to share a recommendation and link to a new publication from Mike Finley and Danny Klecko called “LIEF Magazine“.  They also have a group on Facebook dedicated to this new and exciting publication.  Please download and/or read the magazine.  All comments and suggestions are welcome – please post them here or on […]
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