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Poem – Christmas Star Dust

Snow lays upon the grassesscattered across the fieldsof peace, hope, and love. I stand here beneath the late December skyfilled with clouds holding the forestand I inhale a moment free of chaos. What this all means finally breaks throughfilling my mind with joy, resolve, and a reminderthat we are all equal, here, and from the […]
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Poem – Love

What we have spans time, existing without place, breathing with each ray of light, captured in morning waves.

Poem – Witnessing Time

‚Äč Deep into the frozen land we venture. Holding hands with no words spoken. Miles away mountain shadows grow as the sun appears. Like old film stuttering and jumping we desperately hold to this place to this moment. Fading between gusts of wind we taste the other side the other world the other dimension some […]
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Poem – Do You?

Do you remember where you were that night in the autumn the first hard freeze and the sky exploding with clouds and light? I will never forget where I was standing near the pond filled with an orange reflection waiting for the call, for you.

Poem – What Matters Most in the Violent Waves

Thinking back on the past I see the signs and guides more clearly and with more openness than at the time. Thinking about where I am now I plan what future I want, the reach of my sphere of influence and the morals I must exhibit. What I question are the words thrown to the […]
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Poem – I Touched the Moon

The other evening under an August sky a faint Orion stood tall next to the moon. I wrapped my arms around the softness felt ancient love, a timeless longing. I touched the moon

Poem – Home

To mom and pops Light edges across the roof giving rise to my shadow. With eyes closed I know it is there, I know I am home. I left 20 years ago trying to find my way to make my own life and path. Travelling to other countries finding my heart in Alaska but I […]
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Poem – Forever I Will…

Remember the day we met our first kiss our trip to Iceland and Alaska long after we leave here energy circling across and through dark matter until we decide to come back here and begin looking for each other again.


Here I am at a local park that has a cafe with local, fair trade coffee. It is Friday evening, the coffee has kicked in, and I am listening to Olafur Arnalds. A wedding is in the beginning stages of setup, and the bridal party is arriving, one and two people at a time. I […]
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Poem – For Patricia

I see a stone path through the graying clouds this near November day. I remember the day smothered by black clouds torn from the sky. I watched you dance in the cold rain pooling with no care of those watching. Swirling faster as the rain fell harder until collapsing in a heap. Perfect silence as […]
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