A quiet evening as the dust settles
and chaos is held at bay,
watching the sunset
with nature’s creatures.


These moments defining a life
provide peace and a bit of
knowledge grounding our place
to and within the world.

A short article Tricycle (The Buddhist Review) on photography and finding your zen, inner peace.


That cabin in the woods,
nestled beneath second generation pine
planted after the last logging,
waits for our visit.

Snow caught in tree-tops
meanders through the winter sky
covering the green roof in a smooth
slope where acorns speed to the ground.

Ravens ever present toward the open fields,
near the old silo base, they rule the open sky
with acrobatics and voices blanketing
the otherwise quiet space.

The nest in the overhang now empty.
Somewhere deep in the woods they watch
with caution and curiosity as the dogs
run circles around that cabin in the woods.

A red cabin in the woods
beneath the pine trees
sagging from the winter snow,
is all I need for solitude.

The black morning hides tall pine trees
rising against the star filled sky.

The silence broken only by the canines response
to the pack of coyotes and their screams.

A heavy mist hugs the wet ground
and stones glistened with the slightest light.

Through the drifting smoke
the scattered sun brings to life the forest

illuminated in halos captured in photos
that will help remember the peace and quiet.

The winter sky holds
the empty field
waiting for the
snow shadows
to fall with silence
and with peace.



Light Settling in the Woods
Light Settling in the Woods

Old growth trees line a worn path cut from loggers decades before.

The floor is covered with fallen needles and moss.

A single white birch exists within the pine trees and glows no matter the time of day.

Red squirrels run up tree trunks and jump to the next branch.

If this is a dream, if this is a reality that is both here and not here, I have found the perfect place. I have perfected the fields I wish to walk within the rest of this life.

But these moments are fleeting and pass like seeds on the easterly wind, carried for distances beyond what we can see, into the realms of the mind and the buried experiences.

How do we unearth and keep alive the existence where we are most happy, where suffering is kept to a minimum?

The light reaches over the tree tops and the forest is flooded with white pulsating energy as I close my eyes and walk into the open arms.