Another Winter

Spring fell into an early winter.

We scramble to remember how cold was last year? How much snow? Where is that puffy jacket?

With little warning, no fanfare, the sky settles into the land, wrapping grey arms around each tree.

The road home follows that reddish path mixed with wet snow into a hazy transition where the sky and land meet.

They become one.

Winter is where peace emerges from the landscape, free of chatter and chaos. Sound and images become more clear and sharp. Music playing since time began surfaces.

In the process of turning within to find warmth and strength we essentially expose ourselves outward to others and the universe, extending a part of our true nature, showing our roots anchoring to this earth, as we reach beyond these limitations.

Another winter.

Another year of growth and another chance at mending fences and crossing divides.

Calming Video of Lake Superior

The video below is 2-minutes of the sun rising over Lake Superior on 01-JAN-2019 in northern MN. The temperature was around -5 with a 5 to 10 mile per hour wind.

The rolling waves, growing sun, and steam rising from the shoreline was focused, calming, and soothing. The morning provided an opening for me to escape the city and walk into the light and energy born from the universe’s beginning.

Imagine What is Lost

We know there is no land within what we can see with the naked eye or binoculars, and the maps we poured over in the outdoor gear store confirm this when looking due east. However, in the very early morning as the sun reaches over the top and the sky lights up exposing low hanging clouds above the horizon, the mind will project images of a lost landmass just out of reach.

The jagged skyline filled with mountains rising from the sea. Peaks of unknown height capture light and our attention. Glowing with radiance, they become a wall of fire. I imagine these to be walls of granite glistening from the sea, monoliths showing the power of nature, and the secrets, what we do not yet know. Showing us boundaries of our knowledge, and the limits we must continue to reach toward.

I imagine these lands to be a sanctuary. Perhaps this is heaven, where we go after this life. With the mountains, we live at sea, bathed in the morning golden sun, forever connected to this world, yet free of pain, lose, regrets, and war.

Tree on Cliff

We have been visiting this location on Lake Superior for 10-years. Through every season and every weather pattern.

Regardless of what is happening and going on around me, I always come back to that tree.

On the cliff above the turbulent waters, standing tall against the wind, drenched in summer rain, or encased in ice.

A beacon in the frequent storms, a symbol, resilient, always there waiting when we arrive.

I am not clear or aware of the draw I have to this tree, but I choose to let that go and not dwell or search for reasons, and lose myself to the energy.

I suppose the reasons do not matter at the end of the day as I find myself calm, connected, and reflective when in the presence of the tree.

Is something imagined in my mind, or does this stem from beyond here, beyond the horizon that I see?

In some versions of this image, the sky and clouds emerge from the tree-top, and morning steam flows from the cliffs as the sun emerges from the horizon scattering light into waiting clouds, bursting with orange and purple hues.

In other images, the scene has no movements, everything frozen in thick ice reflecting the grey clouds and water absent of the sun.

In all iterations of the scene with myself standing on the shore looking at the tree, I am content and at peace.

Poem – Christmas Star Dust

Snow lays upon the grasses
scattered across the fields
of peace, hope, and love.

I stand here beneath the late December sky
filled with clouds holding the forest
and I inhale a moment free of chaos.

What this all means finally breaks through
filling my mind with joy, resolve, and a reminder
that we are all equal, here, and from the same beginning.

Autumn Thoughts

Speeding through November with December around the corner, a pause is warranted in the daily flow to reflect, to think, to breath.

The sun settles into the horizon earlier as darkness consumes more time and the cold encourages us to seek more warmth within ourselves.

The day emerges slowly with orange and purple streaks as the light first touches treetops and barren branches covered with frost.

Thankful to be part of this scene, I kneel before one of thousands of trees working together, place my hand gently on the bark and say thanks.

A moment of silence through the shadows crossing my face says more than words I can write or speak in a lifetime.

As I wander this maze of fields and trees I come upon a boundary of sorts, a transition of one landscape to another, from the empty fields to the mature forest, and I pause.  I close my eyes and I breathe deeply, the cool autumn air into these city-depleted lungs, filled with concrete and glass, from industry. 

Here I am in nature’s playground, surrounded by the animals I can only hear and not see, and she allows me to be in peace, allows me to be a small part of this living and breathing organism, interconnected in ways we struggle to understand, even as it becomes more vital for survival.  For this awareness and lesson, for this respite, I am eternally thankful.

Poem – Simple

A quiet evening as the dust settles
and chaos is held at bay,
watching the sunset
with nature’s creatures.


These moments defining a life
provide peace and a bit of
knowledge grounding our place
to and within the world.

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