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  • The Next Chapter

    The Next Chapter

    Passing through the pages of life,some chapters are thin and we quickly move,some consume years and decades. After decades in one chapter,it is natural to wonder, is it really over?Is it time to move on? Moments of doubt creep in,pulling with strength – an attemptto drag you back into the previous chapter. In these struggles…

  • Home is our True Being

    Home is our True Being

    Home is not just where you live and return each evening.  Home is that place we hold close in our hearts and in the dreams we wake from and try with endless energy to return to. Home is not where the hat is hung, but where our subconscious retreats during times of angst and when…

  • Good morning from Leroy and Vinny

    Good morning from Leroy and Vinny

    Looking at the calendar, over a month has passed since my last post here. Where does the time go? I would like to say that I was in the midst of some grand adventure, but that would not be true! Life. Just life happening, and dealing with the daily grind, the obligations, and the 9-to-5.…

  • Poem – Fragile Thread

    The sunless grey sky releases an afternoon rain pushing leaves beginning to transition to bright yellows and deep reds. Each drop’s ripple in the pond, each leaf that falls through wind and rain a reminder of nature’s course in time and the fragile thread we all cling to.

  • Poem – Rain

    When my mind becomes scattered, when each of the thoughts I held in my core is lost to the wind, I seek out answers and resolutions from the natural world. On mornings when the grey sky covers the sun and the forest lives in its own green exterior, the cold air lays upon the skin,…

  • Poem – Perseverance

    Storms rolled through last week. Weak and old trees toppled to the ground or fell into a neighbor or landed on the wire fencing with the orange flags. Near the pole barn smaller trees were uprooted but the metal roof still looks new, the green roof glistening when wet. What little birch are mixed with…

  • Poem – Joy

    As the last snow flake and ice crystal recede into the mountains thoughts turn to what is left, the next tasks to be completed, the chores we must do to prepare the land for planting and the spring rains bringing joy to the crops and the children.

  • Poem – Fire

    Winter is finally put to rest, for now, as the sky turns black and the forest bends in the hour filled with frequent strikes and increasing intensity, the dry earth quick to give up secrets, quick to burn before the rain arrives.

  • Poem – Rain

    Those thoughts the ever-present past the overgrown fields the moments we do not allow ourselves to forget to let go washed out to sea.

  • Poem – Shelter

    Tall guardians of sticks and leaves. The winter sky weighs heavy on the canopy. Rain appears from nowhere and everywhere the ground becomes the horizon. The faster I run up and down hills in circles and through fields of grass I am still myself and I still exist in this form but where this is…