Poem – The Foundation of Each Day

Like a drone on autopilot
I rise when the alarm cuts through the night
with no thought or question.

I drive the long road through
the sleeping city
past windows and doors leading
to lives I do not know.

I, like them, struggle with
the burdens, expectations, roadblocks,
doubt, and the surprises life throws
each day and the emotional toll.

Another day at the office
pushing paper and pen
saving files, filing reports
and trying to catch a breath.

Back onto that road so familiar heading
home for a respite
to the foundation you have built
the life I would not have without you.


As the wind blows across sand, rocks, and driftwood I marvel at the change within me that I am aware of.

Time has not softened the being, but strengthened through experiences and exposure to a world so scary as a child.

Reaching out beyond the close-knit sphere I sought to understand the blood and tears of others.

Reaching within I sought to understand myself and my place in the world.

What was my purpose here?

A struggle developed to find a balance as fragments continued to stack higher and higher.

The mind seeks continuous interactions, energy, connections to keep the fire burning, but this fire will burn if not controlled, if not kept within a moral framework.

How then to make a difference, to find balance, to not proposer at the expense of others? Through time and experience I had to learn empathy and respect. The silence we hear through chaos and the peace we feel through balance, teaches empathy and respect as the world you see circles around and in the middle a portal opens revealing the threads connecting us to everything and everyone.

2014-10-11 06.21.45

Artist – Danae Stratou and Desert Breath

Desert Breath is a land-based art project in the middle of the Sahara Desert that was finished in 1997 and is still standing today. This installation brings together many concepts and ideals, mixing art with nature (sand, rock, water, mountains), and the profound and delicate path we walk within both.


Desert Breath

Desert Breath

Poem – Where is the Path?


The burning city
settles below the horizon
as evening darkens trees
and empty streets.


Lost into haze I
let go and allow instincts
to guide me through each
day, unaware of each
step and each mile that
passes, I arrive and
I leave this space.


I see black shadows
across the ceiling, in utter silence
neither of us make a move, no breath,
no physical movements,
just black air and spirit.


I look into the
mirror back at the
person I have become.
Surgical scars, greying hair,
and other signs of advancing age
or too much time on this earth,
dominate the picture and
serve to remind me of
progression, mortality, and
a hint of what lies ahead.


I peer closer and beyond
at the intricate black
lines, curves, bent, and
shaped into reminders of
the life I have led,
experiences, to guide
this path and set the stage
for the next.

New Music

While I have been away from blogging way more than I would like, the music keeps on flowing as there is so much out there.  Found a nice treat with an Icelandic group that I had not heard of, and some other stuff.

An Indie-folk / classical band from Iceland that I heard of as a recommendation from Olafur Arnalds.  The classical elements are excellent and the singing is in English and Icelandic.  Really a great find.  I have been listening to both disks everyday since picking these up.

While watching the movie recently, I became really hooked on the music which is mostly electronic with some heavy guitars thrown in.  Providing an atmosphere that matches the gritty, no holds-barred, get-out-of-my-way action and cinematography, the music is treat, and a better experience than the movie itself.

  • Dredd – Judgment is Coming(2009)

Find this one by accident while searching for the movie soundtrack and am very happy with the electronic experience this provides.

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