Silent Objections

The calm water reflects the cold
morning sky coming on-line.

Pierced by raven calls and lulled
by rolling waves.

Fragments I carried here
begin to slip into the water.

The cold and water I have come to embrace
as years have passed, has not changed.

The same stones mark the way to an ice covered shoreline
and that tree has become a beacon and marker.

I don’t know if this is home,
I don’t know if the water remembers me.

I take comfort in the thought, that when I pass
some fragment of myself will still linger,

riding waves or falling into the depths,
merging with the sea.

So I release my doubt and stop silent objections
knowing the sea will care for me.

Taking Comfort

Standing on the cement patio
hours after the sun fell away
I let go of the city and noise
and stare at the sky.

Stars and patterns slowly come into focus
forming images from college textbooks,
a class I took that one winter when
I needed an escape and comfort.

And the sky provided just that,
structure and basic answers to
questions I did not know I was pondering,
and the heavens brought them out.

Over time I learned about particles and origins
and began to realize life is an entanglement of
ancient energy and physical atoms becoming us
and I take comfort in knowing I am stardust.

Photo by Dakota Monk from Burst


I walked in the empty fields
and fell before the giants.

Holding up the winter sky
their gaze met with fear.

Laying in the snow and staring at the sky
I wonder what being or energy keeps

the balance and the motion, the system
and the path moving despite the tremendous

odds, changes everywhere, and the chaos
as humans continue consumption at any cost.

I wonder what force lives here,
a language we do not understand.

The wind blew strong in that moment, from the west
through old pine, branches releasing silent snow.

I am at the mercy of the giants.
I am here only after they accepted me.

And in the end I hope to fall back into the fields
to be consumed and become one of them.

Finding a Way

Winter smoke.
Silent forest.
Nearing nightfall.

Chaos present.
Walls increasing.
Too much.

Trapped here.
Concrete, glass.
Nightfall settling.

Clearing mind.
Opening mind.
Letting go.

Eyes closed.
Energy arriving.
Roots growing.

Eyes opened.
Path opened.
Returning home.

Poem – Emerging from the Depths with Stardust

The blood-red sky of time
before the sun rises
intermingled with black clouds,
the air is cold and still.

I stand in a circle around the perimeter
waiting for the moment told through ages,
through dreams and the instinct telling
me this is the place, this is where I need to be.

Many years passed denying and ignoring
the truth and downplaying the connection,
the energy reaching beyond here, the vibration
with each passing star over the vast oceans

As the sun crests over the horizon
the veil is lifted as they descend from the sky.

Poem – Taking the Path into the Darkening Sky

Falling off the concrete path, I landed in the empty fields
surrounded with autumn colors.

I was not sure where to turn next, what road to follow,
or where I wanted to go.

The trees then opened showing me a path leading up
into the darkening blue sky, into the unknown.

Poem – Night Becomes the Day

Standing on the front porch
I watch the sun rise over the

distant mountains and first light
run across the empty fields.

Morning wind pushes scattered stalks and coffee steam
while bird songs emerge from the tree line.

High bulbous clouds assume many colors
as the sun reaches higher.

Leroy lays at my side sleeping
as we watch night become the day.

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