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Moving Forward

Another year coming to a close.Another obstacle is looming in the night. The truth is difficult to see through the fog and mist.I lose myself in the storms and barrage. Reflection upon what matters most is heightened.I turn inward to those close,To those weathering the hurricane,and moving forward against the odds. Stepping back amidst the […]
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Poem – Mountain Dust

Mountains cast their shadows across my face as the distant river fills the canyon heading toward the sea. The path these feet follow, paved years before by faces I do not know, yet I feel their presence and hear voices scattered to the ancient wind. If I peeled away the layers of each universe would […]
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Poem – Shifted Wolves

From the collection “Beyond the Border Kingdom“. (1) In dreams the white wolf stands beside the black wolf Emerging from unnamed star fields walking across a bridge of light against gravity against laws of physics. I felt no fear. I felt no fear. Distant galaxies produce and consume light. Skewed and shifted before arriving here […]
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Poem – Ready for the Truth

(1) Return to the pine forest thinly snow coated. In this silence broken only by raven calls we have to be comfortable with ourselves in the midst of nature. I wander the hard trails lined with dried needles and attempt to let go of all thoughts and concerns, even the direction I am heading. (2) […]
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Nature – Stones

Do the stones we find on the shoreline, inspected closely before placing in a pocket for safe keeping, care that millions of years of effort have vanished? We may live in nature, within its surroundings the forests’ cradling hands, but we must remember the cradling hands found us as they were here first, before we […]
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Poem – This is Life

From the collection “Beyond the Border Kingdom“. (1) ocean waves crash against the rotting pier yellow tape snaps where the line sheared jagged pylons protrude from blue sheen holding the August sun captive. slow steps in wet sand waves wash my feet deposit shells, stones and starfish. a pale crab emerges scurries behind the boulders. […]
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Poem – I Now Walk into the Wild

I now walk into your arms, the words spoken in passion, black wisps of hair I brush away, your eyes a light into the soul. I now fall into your arms, your breath against my neck, I am vulnerable, exposed skin waiting for your embrace, I wait for you. I walk into the wild, the […]
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Poem – Purpose

I stand on the rocky shore beneath old cedar arched toward the sky and I lose the layers I have delicately built. This scene never tires, never gets old. The sun rising from the calm water reflecting the morning mist. In moments of solitude when the circling raven further deepens my roots I find my […]
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Poem – Wild

I now walk into the wild away from you and closer to the true being within, away from the falsehoods, and toward the truth. I now walk into the wild free of labels and expectations free of some grand design. I will remember you not for any moment or the almost kiss we shared but […]
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New Poetry on Beneath the Remains (2)

New poetry has been posted on “Beneath the Remains.” Blood Voice with no Voice