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Poem – Revolution Rooted in Ancient Lands

40 Days become 40 years and the revolution/transformation I began culminates from the mountain peak. Into the valley life flows as the new sun rises over the range. Caribou continue their thousand mile trek across vast swaths of land following their ancestors hoofs. I teeter on this ridge and see beyond the glacier fed waters […]
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Poem – No Words

“No words”, as the sky burns and we watch from another place. “No words”, as I remember a time before time standing atop mountains overlooking valleys filled with smoke and spirits of ten thousand beings.

Poem – Winter’s Song

I lost my breath in the empty field. Lost in the blinding snow. Thrown over the mountain tops. In the silence I heard winter’s song. I ran across the iced field in near darkness my bare feet light and swift as I cast no shadow and left no trace. I ran across the iced field […]
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Poem – Finding Home in the Chaos – Part 4

These simple moments of nature’s gentle cycle coupled with the raw energy exhibited here and beyond humble this man juggling chaos looking for simplicity looking for answers to questions I have not asked.

Poem – Finding Home in the Chaos – Part 3

Sometimes when I see the midnight moon over the superior waters I imagine, if I reach for enough from the shoreline I can catch the beams in my palm. The iced shoreline captures and holds the moon just long enough for me to taste the ancient light and remember my roots far beyond any physical […]
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Poem – Finding Home in the Chaos – Part 2

We hike for hours, having left the flat fields, the trail twists and turns toward a peak overlooking a wide valley filled with trees past their peak. The valley empties into a lake filling horizon with what is discarded, what is no longer useful here, to be dispersed out to sea into the cosmos. Darkness […]
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Poem – Mountain King

Mountain shadows swallow the valley. A single path cuts through dense and overgrown vegetation beneath the ancient forest and persistent shining moon. Millions of years have passed unnoticed to the solitary figure walking alone down this path. He has not rested, has has not slept. He has met no other being. He is the mountain […]
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Poem – The Mountains Voice We See and Do Not Hear

Mountain of snow against the darkening sky drifts from vision and becomes the lost peak of legend. Mountain shadow swallows the valley, consuming trees and river, the last drops of light. What secrets does the mountain take from the day into the night? When the ravens fall silent, when the wind scatters, returning to its […]
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Poem – Beyond the Clouds There is Hope

After the smoke clears and unnatural sounds dissipate the valley, mountains, and river return. The mountain shadow continues the journey started millions of years before and the river moves animals and earth further downstream to fertile lands and eventually to the delta spreading its fingers for miles with long threads reaching into the sea. For […]
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Poem – I Touched the Sun

The other morning I touched the sun newly risen each ray spread into the valley creates the shadows that move. It did not burn, my skin did not singe, I touched the sun.