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Standing in the Backyard of Childhood

The dirt. The stars. Nearing midnight in late summer. A glimpse, fleeting thought, of that person I was. Standing on the patio lost in the sky, wondering what else is there. Feeling I did not fit here, did not belong, hoping there is a home out there, beyond the stars.

Poem – Winter Dreams

Submerged in the depths of winter, the land beneath layers of ice, and the pond a giant glass oval, I dream of childhood… As the snow blanketed the sky and trees we listened intently to the radio waiting, hoping that our school would close for the day. After snowstorm stopped, outside in the front-yard, the […]
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Poem – A Childhood in Retrospect

Shifting through photos I feel no connection, no recognition to the person with time and years ahead of them, looking to the future. Pausing at one in particular in the midst of summer, oak leaves burning with white light, the sun slowly fading into the horizon behind the hill at the street’s end. What was […]
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Words and Actions – Revisited for 04/18/17

Rugged facial features and expressions, like that of mountain men in history books and legends standing atop the highest peaks and planting a flag for their country, shaped by the endless sun and arctic winds. He handled life and the people around him with the ease and care of a seasoned glass maker. It was […]
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Poem – Dreams

Children in the summer Chasing dogs through Fields open to the big sun. Thoughts free of burden Free of time they explore Worlds beyond this one. Always a step ahead And pushing forward They become the stars we see. So what happened? Where did our dreams go? The older we become The more experiences we […]
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Words and Actions – Revisited for 04/18/15

Back in 2009, I had a short story published at Whispering Angel Books about my grandfather.  It was titled “Grandpa’s Words and Actions”.  As 04/18/15 was an important anniversary, I am re-posting, along with updates from reviewing each year,  and including it below. Rugged facial features and expressions, like that of mountain men in history […]
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Poem – The First Flake

The child’s nose leaves prints on the glass kitchen window overlooking the apple tree. Wide-eyed, determined, safe – was that a snowflake? Did one land in the grass? A frantic search for the first snowflake signaling winter, snow forts, and snow days. There, that has to be one! And the phone call to grandma to […]
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Signs, Direction, and Another Room

The lead-up to decisions, where the result impacts many people and is one of those moments where life changes direction, and the person years from now may not recognize the person now, is the most gut-wrenching moment swirling in self-doubt, a search for reasons, and a forced self-reflection. So much responsibility that borders on a […]
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Thoughts on the Empty Field

I have written a bit about the concept of an empty field and what this means spiritually, mentally, and physically to myself as a wandering soul, a student of this life struggling to relate and come to terms with previous lives.  The empty field is the essence of the mind and energy transferred to a […]
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From a Puppy

We brought Leroy home in early 2011, shortly after I returned from Alaska.  I was apprehensive of bringing this tiny life home and the responsibility that came with her.  Would we be good pet owners, provide the right nutrition, walks, exercise, training, keep her safe?  What do we do when traveling, or simply running errands? […]
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