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Poem – Random Lines

~~~~~~~~~~~ A moment of clarity. Forced distance and disconnection. Reliance on the self. Self reflection. The inner voice surfacing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ At sea the land beomces an opening act as the water becomes the encore and focus. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ What was lost becomes clear. Mountain shadows overcome fear. ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Poem – The Depth of November

November is the transition of fall to winter. November gives up the red, orange, yellow, and gold for brown into grey. The sky gains depth, definition, and clarity. November is laid bare at your feet and we head within ourselves to find warmth and answers to the probing questions and immediate need to cope with […]
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Poem – Morning Light

There is the perfect moment – birds sing, the wind circles the body, dogs lay and sniff the air, ravens and ducks land on rooftops and trees, prairie grass crackles – when burdens fall away with no effort. Briefly what followed leaves – I become aware of this too quickly and everything tumbles back but […]
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Poem – Where Chaos Meets Clarity (by Harmony Green)

This poem was kindly shared from the blog Daily Danspirations. Chaos clustered and coating me Bound I am to my own shortcomings I fall short in coming back around Life too long labored and languid Has loosened my resolve Clarity….come…. in your slow and hard pending birth Sparked in the friction of the frenzied feast….The […]
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Return to a Previous Life

Where do passions and obsessions come from?  And, do they feed or lead one into the other? One day I awoke with thoughts of prairies and open fields, stretching for miles, right into the setting sun casting burning red rays across the landscape.  I was not sure where this came from, and why.  Over time, […]
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