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Poem – What is a Life?

What is a life but the experiences and memories, the fragments pieced together as the sentient being. What is a life but the place we fill within the world we see and the universe unseen. “We speak of nature, of the natural world, as if that were something distinct from ourselves and the social world […]
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Poem – Today

Each day while comprising the experiences of the previous, is itself new, and waiting for what you make of the time.

Poem – Eyes

In what appears as two strangers passing in an overcrowded train station waiting to be taken home, I saw you in the mirror and aside from the same face, the eyes were deeper, content, focused on today.

Poem – Dreams

Children in the summer Chasing dogs through Fields open to the big sun. Thoughts free of burden Free of time they explore Worlds beyond this one. Always a step ahead And pushing forward They become the stars we see. So what happened? Where did our dreams go? The older we become The more experiences we […]
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Poem – A Plea, part 2

I see you in fragmented dreams images from a life I have not lived unfocused faces and voices mouthing words I cannot hear. I see images on billboards and movie vignettes where touching moments break through the wall 20-years old. I see you in rare dreams sourced from beyond this life, beyond the choice I […]
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Poem – Layered Sky

Layered autumn sky like the waves rising from the horizon minutes before landing at the shore. Sky layered like the chapters of a life lived and lived hard – pages become the days counted since the beginning of time – that experience we survived emerging from the fire carrying the fragments that are left – […]
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Thoughts on the Empty Field

I have written a bit about the concept of an empty field and what this means spiritually, mentally, and physically to myself as a wandering soul, a student of this life struggling to relate and come to terms with previous lives.  The empty field is the essence of the mind and energy transferred to a […]
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Essay – Guides and Turning Points

How did I get here? An important question I throw into the air while reading, writing, and drinking coffee on a cold morning with early sunlight across the fields. In this current state of being, I awoke a few years ago after sleep walking through most of my life and leaving my path up to […]
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Poem – Walked Across the Field

I walked across that empty field after the weeds took over and boulders fell from the darkening sky and trees took root. I walked across what used to be the empty field a gameboard for my mind a history of what has taken place, what I allowed to happen and I threw gasoline everywhere and […]
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Alaska 2013 – Whitewater Rafting

The main reason I returned to Alaska this year was for a new experience, and that was whitewater rafting.  Something I have never done, but I figured if you ware going to, go all out.  On September 4th, we took to the class IV and V rapids of 6-mile creek near Hope Alaska through NOVA […]
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