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  • Across Sand

    Across Sand

    Across vast red sandsI see your face high in untouched mountains. Passing for years through dust stormsblanketing the planet I lose you. Across unmapped sandsfollowing quiet voices. I forget your facebut remember your name. Filled with sand I have only memoriesof our last spoken words.

  • Poem – Across the Snowy Fields

    We walk across ths snowy fields a chance meeting yet we always knew this day would arrive. I do not know your face from dreams of a spirit walking between tall trees, always obscured and hidden. But with the song playing out here between each snowflake. I know it is you.

  • Joline – Home

    “Which way home?” She asked in child’s voice. “This way, into the sun.” I replied, pointing up the slope at the muted late winter sun at the path’s end. “We all come from the sun.”

  • Poem – Joline – This is Not Working

    This is not working. Playing the other role, hoping for something benign, I asked what this was. You threw your cigarette. Landing with orange ash slowly rising into the early autumn air, as you dropped from the cement wall and walked away forever.

  • Poem – Apathy

    With an apathetic look in tired eyes he turned away from the edge, hundreds of feet above the turbulent waters, and walked toward the forest, across the empty road absent of any traffic since the morning, into the cultivated fields, curiously empty, and sat next to the stone marker and finally wept.

  • Poem – A Plea, part 2

    I see you in fragmented dreams images from a life I have not lived unfocused faces and voices mouthing words I cannot hear. I see images on billboards and movie vignettes where touching moments break through the wall 20-years old. I see you in rare dreams sourced from beyond this life, beyond the choice I…

  • Poem – Searching for Joline

    At last we have arrived at the transition. An outpost where the river falls into the sea. Here we will setup camp and wait for her to arrive. I did not sleep well that evening the voice of the stars and the silence of the sea wrestled through the smoke and through the flames the…

  • Beginning Screenplay

    I have been writing about the character of “Joline” since 1993 mostly through many, many poems.  Earlier this year, I started on a screenplay that ties together real-life experiences, some people I have known, and a storyline that emerged from the poetry.  In completing the outline and determining locations, a lot of it will be…

  • Poem – Intersections

    At the intersection I woke to a wall cloud filled not with rain but fragments of some life I did not recognize… they elicited no emotion, only confusion, a detached sense of being… I watched the images for hours – people, faces, death, and birth. ~ I watched children play in the cold water of…

  • Poem – Fort Snelling

    Another poem from the “Joline” series. (1) We walked to the river beneath the towering cement bridge. A solitary barge moved with grace and silence. Our voices were not silent. Djarum smoke filled the space between us as we took turns speaking and telling stories releasing pent-up anger. I felt your direction was directionless you…