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Poem – Everywhere

The previous day bathed us in winter light as the sea sang us to sleep. Today we slowly become wet snow-people as the storms take over the landscape and we marvel at the beauty everywhere.

Poem – Clearing

From the collection “Beyond the Border Kingdom“, the 13th and final poem. (1) threads hang openly defining a life – what happens when they are pulled or cut? does the puppet fall? who will mend the broken legs? one by one the headlights pass through silence and growing fog hidden unknown faces travel into hidden […]
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Poem – Ravaged

From the collection “Beyond the Border Kingdom“. an empty road cuts various swaths through empty, arid fields until it ends. an object prostrated exactly where the road ends, the fields border, is naked, the sun glistening. this impasse familiar, repeated. beyond the body unknown landscape or wasteland. disconnected, detached we watch events unfold. again. unaware […]
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Poem – Random Thoughts

Across the western landscape clouds roam with scattered shadows. What beasts must I endure to find my way, my path. Only abstract from life, from nature. I am nature. Source of art from the unconscious. The white canvas, an empty field waits with silent anticipation for the first brush. Where does “it” come from? The […]
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From the depths of winter

Just finished moving to a new house (whose idea was it to move in winter?) and we have emerged from the boxes and disarray.  So much going on, so many changes, but it is the start of a new chapter.  Each day is a reminder of who we were yesterday and who we can become […]
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Poem – Winter Nights #1

The midnight sky black, merged with the horizon fallen to the earth. A moon graces the northern sky, scattered across the white frozen fields and apple trees. Cold air rushes in and quickly condenses each time the door opens letting the puppy briefly out.

Fragmenting Path

A few months ago, I found myself moving beyond my physical and mental limits. Limits I was not aware of until they surfaced and began pushing back and against the space I was within. After hours squeezed into a sea kayak, paddling from Decision Point to Blackstone Glacier, beneath low, grey and heavy clouds, consistently […]
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Alaska 2013 – Guiding Company

For the adventure this year, I went with Exposure Alaska. This was my second expedition with them (first was in 2007).  I completed the Xxtreme Week expedition and can say this was one intense trip. I have gone with other companies for trips to Alaska and the San Juan Islands, and feel this company is […]
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Finding Home

Is home truly where the heart is, or where the heart feels at home? The sun rises behind grey clouds infused with faint orange, drifting in the morning sky just above the distant treeline. Across the vast expanse of water, mountains rise to meet the sky, and the sky greets the mountains with tears. A […]
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Today’s Music and Art

For last couple of weeks, I have been mostly listening to Mystical Sun. At first, I was lost in the soundscape and very in tune to each note and beat. Over time, the music has incorporated itself into the background, and become a part of me. I’m still trying to find the words to explain […]
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