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Travel Applications – From Worldmate to TripIt

Since 2010, I have been a devoted user of Worldmate for managing travel plans and itineraries.   Despite limitations and few and far between updates, I used the website often and had the app installed on all mobile devices.  So when I logged in yesterday and discovered that the service was being discontinued in March, […]
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Mt. Rainier 2013 – Packing

With less than 3-weeks before flying to Seattle, I started to pack and review all of the required and recommended gear.  Good thing as I think the harness I have is too small when taking into account the extra layers and bulk at the higher elevations.  Everything from the provided list is in the photos […]
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Planning Continues

Most of the required gear has been taken care of for Mt. Rainier, except for two jackets that are on the recommended list. One of them is a windproof/waterproof parka, with down insulation. In trying to justify the cost, and what would seem to be limited use on the mountain, though the weather is unpredictable […]
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