Tag: present

  • Poem – Origins Revisited

    Burdened with questions, begging for answers, as a divide grows, we walk through empty fields. Searching the horizon for direction, the shifting sky scatters with each breath and when we listen to the primal unseen screams, we lose ourselves in fear and doubt. Broken and beat down by the present afraid of what the future…

  • Poem – Each Day

    As my years have passed more slowly now that I stop sometimes to catch a deep breath and really inhale the rising scent of pine, I see that each day is a gift and the time in my past cannot be changed, and the future is always shrouded in mystery, and I can only live…

  • Poem – Awoke

    I awoke in the spring steeped in memories and lost dreams, standing on the shore of an unnamed lake steeped in golden light. That path I have never left empties into the fields of infinite possibilities and choices and when I am present I see you both hand in hand.

  • Poem – Silent Music of Creation

    When the nearest stars are observed and the furthest ancient light is discovered we see what became the past far removed from the beginning. If we remove ourselves from physical bonds and trivial thoughts, what used to be feeling transforms into knowing that what is felt and tasted is no different than the first particle…

  • Poem – Tomorrow

    There is always tomorrow to put off tasks and obligations. There is always tomorrow to pay the bills and do laundry. There is always tomorrow to worry and fret. There may not be tomorrow to say I love you and now is the time.

  • Poem – A Found Memory

    The photographs we find in dusty hidden boxes in places we have forgotten have stories etched in the faded lines and memories hidden in the subdued colors.

  • Poem – Time’s Gift

    As with everything time marches in one direction that we perceive but in quiet moments we reflect back on past time, bring it into the present, and savor every morsel we remember.

  • Poem – Present Memories

    The night becomes the morning and the sun lays across thinning snow and dormant vegetation. The darkness and silence are broken when the trees become engulfed in light. A small window into the vast universe opens above the horizon.

  • Poem – One Mind

    We inhabit this space for reasons we still chase through light and dark through heaven and hell through ancient texts and drawings. The human spirit longs for place, a concrete connection to surroundings, a palpable definition of home. How can we look out there when we do not how we got here? To measure today…

  • Poem – Here and Now

    (1) As the sun sinks into the grey water we watch one year become another from atop the cliff over the white valley. (2) As we run beneath the rising moon, the moon becomes us and we become light. (3) To the normal routine one year has passed and another arrived. To the natural world,…