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Poem – Stars

And we sailed in a cosmic boat made from dreams across an ocean of stars. Guided by distant energy we only feel drawn to what we do not yet see. Paddling through stellar dust we travelled through star nurseries. Something on the other side draws us closer as we lose track of the passing years. […]
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Travel Applications – From Worldmate to TripIt

Since 2010, I have been a devoted user of Worldmate for managing travel plans and itineraries.   Despite limitations and few and far between updates, I used the website often and had the app installed on all mobile devices.  So when I logged in yesterday and discovered that the service was being discontinued in March, […]
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Poem – The Border Kingdom

(1) We drive the dusty road east from the mountains toward the flat land not divulging any secrets from this distance. Still morning the intense sun withers fallen vegetation and quickly dissipates dew clinging to cactus needles. We have not spoken since the pass where we studied the horizon surveying what we left behind and […]
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Poem – Searching for Joline

At last we have arrived at the transition. An outpost where the river falls into the sea. Here we will setup camp and wait for her to arrive. I did not sleep well that evening the voice of the stars and the silence of the sea wrestled through the smoke and through the flames the […]
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Poem – Deconstructed, part 3 (Fracture 12)

Have we met before? Perhaps on a distant planet, on the other side of the known universe. White and gold petals scattered through the void we cannot see, while consuming everything we do see. I stand within light on a floating island. The willow tree comforts me on the long journey from planet to planet, […]
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Alaska 2013 – Guiding Company

For the adventure this year, I went with Exposure Alaska. This was my second expedition with them (first was in 2007).  I completed the Xxtreme Week expedition and can say this was one intense trip. I have gone with other companies for trips to Alaska and the San Juan Islands, and feel this company is […]
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Post Traveling Thoughts

Now that I am settled back at home and my customary headache from traveling and flying has subsided, I have a few thoughts and observations.  This was my third trip to Alaska, and the first with Patricia.  My first two were with guided services (Exposure Alaska, and Alaska Mountain Guides) and involved hiking, kayaking, glacier […]
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Out of Town

In Lutsen for a few days of hiking, relaxing, and writing.  I will have some fresh new writings and perspectives on nature and Zen.  This time has given me the title for the new collections of poems, revolving around my learning and understanding of Zen as I continue down this path.