I have been down that road and
at the end I was back here,
where I started, where I attempted
to break free of constraints.

The road gave no clues.
The road divulged no secrets.

Frustrated and desperate
I fell to the ground.

In clear ice reflecting
the morning sun I saw an outline.

I saw myself.

2016-03-06 10.31.44

As the sun sets on another day
and the weight of each person’s
burden, responsibilities, and
hopelessness reach a tipping point

there is the outside view
into the mind of each tree
into the soul of nature
into the womb of the universe.

2016-01-18 16.49.28

Time and age conspire
with numbers setting expectations.

You are only as old as you feel
and that depends on the body’s voice.

These things are mostly out of our control
and in youth we ignore and push limits

looking to find something beyond life
looking over the edge at the mouth of death.

As maturity and wisdom settle like
white petals upon the empty field

the pace becomes slower and immersed
with purpose and awareness

of the mouth opening wider, moving
closer as the sun edges toward the horizon.

We stop each moment and turn them
in the lantern’s light.

We see each detail and imperfection,
we admire the craftsmanship.

In the evening following the storm’s
reach we watch the black clouds pass

and the purple light through the trees
as we smell the spring wind and think of nothing.

Life is…

This current state of awareness,
the energy we intake and let go.

Life is…

The framework we carry
the morals we exhibit.

Life is…

Our actions bound to the
people and the earth.

Whatever is forward becomes
the present before becoming the past
and with eyes open we absorb
nature in all of its glory.


There is the perfect moment –
birds sing, the wind
circles the body,
dogs lay and sniff the air,
ravens and ducks land
on rooftops and trees,
prairie grass crackles –
when burdens fall away
with no effort.

Briefly what followed
leaves – I become aware of this
too quickly and everything tumbles back
but I remember how I got to that place
and continue to savor the moment.

I remember the field when it was empty
and when I was truly me.

Each day becomes the practice
to instill a clear mind – not full
but mindful of the fullness.

Each day becomes the understanding
of where I am from before
tearing apart, digging deep
and removing the fragments

and placing them on the ground
showing their true colors in
the rising sun and as a
witness to each piece the raven takes away.

Morning Light
Morning Light

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