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Poem – More Questions Than Answers

That crossroad we come to in moments of stress and blocks, the struggle choking rational thoughts, the behavior, the actions – this is not me. How did this happen? How did I get here? Change is subtle and patient. One day we vow to find balance, to live and act a certain way, to be, […]
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Returning from Alaska

Returning from an Alaskan retreat, I am different. Nothing earth shattering and most likely not noticeable to most people I come into contact with. Back home, the sky has not changed, the trees stand tall against the summer blue, and the grass is coarse from overdue rain. Obligations, bills, demands, job – waited at the […]
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Article – The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI

Article from MIT Technology review.  It seems we will need to develop AI to control and understand AI. https://www.technologyreview.com/s/604087/the-dark-secret-at-the-heart-of-ai/ Intelligent Machines The Dark Secret at the Heart of AI No one really knows how the most advanced algorithms do what they do. That could be a problem. by Will Knight April 11, 2017

Time’s Plan

Another year on the calendar has passed and we celebrate. A celebration of accomplishments and of moving beyond events and moments we wish to forget and gain distance between. But time has a plan for us. In the day-to-day scheme of life and the normal cycle, time is always moving forward. Ticking away at the […]
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Poem – Time

Every day is a battle to find more or slow down or move faster. Yet time is not aware of our desires and continues in one steady direction. The very definition of time is based on processes and natural events occurring millions of miles beyond the grasp of worn and tired hands. Yet we continue […]
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Poem – The Physical Manifestation of the Mind, Part 3

In a deep fog, a wakeful sleep, a field lit by ten-thousand lanterns reflects the chaotic sky passing through different sets of reality, a physical manifestation of the struggle, of the storm taking hold. In this clear moment, a disconnected view of what is true I let go of attachment and emotion and take hold […]
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Poem – Mirror

The mirror is still and silent. The mirror has no voice. The mirror follows me neither of us has a choice. I watch myself watching me. The mirror reflects the sky reflecting the sea. Passing time has brought changes and distance the face grey with wrinkles this person makes less sense. How did I get […]
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Poem – What I Create

When the silence falls, Like a rock over the cliff They come back to me Thoughts I cannot control Thoughts I cannot stop. I fear silence The absence of being Exemplified by nothingness Leaving me alone with my thoughts, Nothing there to block Nothing there to stop They run wild Filling my mind with worlds […]
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On Paths

The following is the introduction I wrote for the Spring 2014 issue of Stone Path Review. Welcome to the Spring 2014 issue of Stone Path Review. Our primary mission is to present art that delves into life and path in life, the route and direction we take, and the struggle and triumph we all endure. […]
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Essay – Paths and Questions

How do we know if the path we are following is meant for us, and is not someone else playing tricks on our consciousness? Can our awareness be tricked, and an outside system is leading us elsewhere? How is awareness bred to be on our own best interest, and work for us, and not be […]
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