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New Music

Some recent music, delving into new music and artists, as well as favorites, including a release by Hildur Gudnadottir, one of my favorite Icelandic musicians. Seven Lions – Worlds Apart (2014) Seven Lions – The Throes of Winter (2015) Celldweller – End of an Empire (Chapter 03: Dreams) (2015) Celldweller – Transmissions: Volume 01 (2014) […]
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Poem – The Mountains Voice We See and Do Not Hear

Mountain of snow against the darkening sky drifts from vision and becomes the lost peak of legend. Mountain shadow swallows the valley, consuming trees and river, the last drops of light. What secrets does the mountain take from the day into the night? When the ravens fall silent, when the wind scatters, returning to its […]
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The Dream That is the Big Lake

Testing out some new gear and setting up a tent in preparation for the next trip to Alaska.  Of course, being on the big lake and my need to be close to the water, I always get wet and nothing like the sun to take care of the drying. Another beautiful fall day on the […]
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Poem – Random Thoughts #2

Oak holds up the changing sky. What is beyond insanity? At what point do we lose the essence of self, cascading into another state of being, plunged into the darkness that is nothing and everything? And with each turn the city of industry hides, changes, destroys what I previously knew and where I came from.

Poem – Deconstructed, part 1

The sea laps at empty shorelines. Rocks cast empty shadows. Tree leaves fall through empty space. Ground swells erupt across empty fields. The faceless moon speaks of empty origins the billion year story. Wheat and corn stalks gather snow flakes from an empty blue sky. Where is this? A cylindrical vessel floats off the coast […]
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Dreams: Our Reality

Dreams: Path or Reality What will it take to trust this path? How many more years will I take the steps carefully, always watchful, before I finally give in and trust, not only this direction, but more importantly, myself? Dreams far beyond my physical reach are an integral part of each day. I have read […]
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Poem – Black Horse

In scattered dreams I am Visited at sunrise Across the sea By the black horse Of myths and legend. Appearing from nowhere It arrives everywhere The echo of heavy hoofs Filling the woodlands. Its presence intimidating Its stare daunting, until You approach and this Gift from god bows Its head at your touch.

Today’s Music

Today is brought to you by The Cure’s “4:13 Dream”, a more positive and ethereal release.

Poem – Recurring Dream

This poem was started after a friend of mine lost his life in the Boundary Waters of northern, MN a few years ago. Since then, it has taken a more internal tone as we look to ourselves and examine what is within. A spirit enters the café The mind of nature, of being Walked through […]
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Dreams, part 1

I do not often remember dreams, but when the occasion presents itself, they are one of two things: a repeat of a previous dream from years ago, or something freaky or scary.  This morning’s dream involved one of the creatures from either Predator or Pitch Black.  It was dark on some desolate planet.  Three of […]
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