Tag: snow

  • Poem – A Visit

    Just a few hours after arriving we were visited by the guardians of the north shore… With fresh snow 4 to 6 inches deep we cleared a trail into the woods. Waking that morning, the Aussies were unsettled and more vocal than normal. Following the path, we crossed that of a wolf visiting overnight.

  • Poem – Solitude

    A red cabin in the woods beneath the pine trees sagging from the winter snow, is all I need for solitude.

  • Poem – Winter Dreams

    Submerged in the depths of winter, the land beneath layers of ice, and the pond a giant glass oval, I dream of childhood… As the snow blanketed the sky and trees we listened intently to the radio waiting, hoping that our school would close for the day. After snowstorm stopped, outside in the front-yard, the…

  • Hide and Seek with the Morning Sun

    Hide and seek with the morning sun as we emerge form a deep freeze in MN.

  • Video – Winter Grains

    Two videos from early Christmas Day with crystal blue skies, strong wind, and below 0 temperatures.

  • Poem – Until Nothing

    As concrete melts into dirt and grass and skyscrapers become pine trees, I fall into the snow and promise myself to stay until spring. As the snow continues to fall, I am covered until I become the snow and the earth and the roots of spring’s growth. What was a full mind is replaced with…

  • Poem – Universe in the Eyes

    What does she see across the snow covered field, in the distance or nearby? Is the coyote following us today? Silence broken by a single raven leaving one tree top and heading east to another. Silence until we hear crunching snow and snapping twigs. What is that in the dense woods? We become still and…

  • Poem – Gift

    Like the last leaf from spring hanging on into winter, or prairie grasses overcoming snow and ice, life hangs on to a tenuous thread and each day is a gift.

  • Poem – Escape Within Cartoons

    Snow begins to cover the empty field as the trees hold up the graying sky. I want to bury my head into the snow and mud, I want to find a way into the earth, while I do not understand where this world is going and the heavy thoughts, and when I lift my head…

  • Poem – Path Home

    The pine tree lined path covered with early season snow beckons for me to follow and with eyes closed.