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Poem – Until Nothing

As concrete melts into dirt and grass and skyscrapers become pine trees, I fall into the snow and promise myself to stay until spring. As the snow continues to fall, I am covered until I become the snow and the earth and the roots of spring’s growth. What was a full mind is replaced with […]
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Poem – Strings

Moments I feel disconnected from the activity surrounding and swallowing me. The words heavy, actions sharp, the light too much to see. I want to live peacefully and cast a wide net but the fields are overgrown, the boulders too large, the obstacles too many. Those we do not know beyond what we are fed […]
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Poem – When Darkness Becomes All That We Know

Grey infused frozen water consumes the last light before the fields darken. Distant planets follow me from dawn until dusk and a new world emerges where I have become one with beings and energy I do not understand yet make sense at levels I did not know existed. I left my field years before I […]
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Thoughts on the Empty Field

I have written a bit about the concept of an empty field and what this means spiritually, mentally, and physically to myself as a wandering soul, a student of this life struggling to relate and come to terms with previous lives.  The empty field is the essence of the mind and energy transferred to a […]
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Poem – Absentia #1

Absent of light the earth gathers itself reaching out to dark corners and pulling back that which strayed. Before light returns she counts each being and sighs before it begins again.

Poem – As Years Pass

A quiet moment as the sun sets. Fields emerging from thinning snow. What is distant is near – train horn and coyotes cause us to look over tree tops into the horizon. Logically I know the concept of time, a forward motion from here to there, from present to future – a progression – time […]
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The Great Mystery

This was written by Hanakia Zedek, a great friend, brother, and being with no place. http://www.edgemagazine.net/2014/03/the-great-mystery/ To me, the idea of god is no mystery. We simply project our egocentric ideas of self onto a universal model and blam: you have gods relative to belief and culture. The real mystery is all of that space […]
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Poem – Daily Observations from Lutsen, MN

Daily observations from Lutsen, MN #1 Rocky shoreline, we walked with Leroy following closely behind, grows when the sun sets and the superior water becomes frozen and black. #2 Across the blackness there is space, inhabited, desolate, empty – except today when I see each stone and each snowflake. #3 Starlight from galaxies is ancient, […]
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Poem – Where is the Path?

The burning city settles below the horizon as evening darkens trees and empty streets. ~ Lost into haze I let go and allow instincts to guide me through each day, unaware of each step and each mile that passes, I arrive and I leave this space. ~ I see black shadows across the ceiling, in […]
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Poem – For HZ

My spiritual brother, Hanakia Zedek, is having surgery today.  I wrote this poem to aid in his recovery. You are not in my prayers but in my thoughts and in the spirit I have shared with you and that you have shown through your kindness, your laughter, and you being you. On that path that […]
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