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My religion is the open empty field

(1) I passed through the window looking for the outside and landed back here in my mind. When did I find this scene? I have never been here before but with closed eyes I smell the trees and summer afternoon. I can easily recall sepia-toned memories of the rusted red swing set surrounded by a […]
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Article – Why are Christians Turning to Buddhism?

A well-writen article discussing Christianity and Buddhism. A question at the core of my belief is why is there so much bickering and hate in the world, and the view that “my way is better than your way”? Why are views so rigid and thrown in the face of others? Why is it so difficult […]
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Documentary – India’s Holy Men – Beyond

This is a documentary about India’s Holy Men, titled Beyond.  They are part of a spiritual sect called Aghori who practice asceticism: forsaking all of one’s earthly possessions and living excluded from society.  From a distance I respect the dedication and devotion to one’s beliefs.  I only question what does this bring to a community and […]
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Of Religion, Spirituality, and Nothing

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Whatever your belief or non-belief (to say you believe in nothing is still a belief system); whatever deity or non-deity you look toward for guidance, comfort, or even out of a sense of obligation, is a personal choice. It is a choice that no other person, group, or government should […]
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Dreams: Our Reality

Dreams: Path or Reality What will it take to trust this path? How many more years will I take the steps carefully, always watchful, before I finally give in and trust, not only this direction, but more importantly, myself? Dreams far beyond my physical reach are an integral part of each day. I have read […]
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Listen and Respond

The path being taken is open to diversions, changes, bumps, and the occasional washed out road. What is important is how we respond, react, and move forward in the spiritual sense, not necessarily forward motion, as the next step may backward, or a jump to another, unrelated path. I recently received the most honest, straight-forward, […]
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Quantum Awareness – Part 1

If we use logic to define the Nothing, then a response must include logic. If I asked God – “Where did you come from, how did you get here?”. I would expect them to respond – “From nothing”. This I understand and this makes sense to me when I think about what is it that […]
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Coming soon…

I am going to post some pieces about the blending of quantum mechanics and spirituality and how I believe they need each other, and neither side can exist/breath without the other.


It seems I have been lost in the ether again.  The weather here has been chaotic, oscillating within days between mid-summer and early fall.  My thoughts seem to follow this pattern and are in synch with the weather, as my writing has gone from productive to nothing and everything in between. Recent events, including a […]
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I have lived in MN all of my 38 years.  It is home.  Family is here.  Memories and history exist in every nook and cranny.  It is home.  For better or worse, there are reminders everywhere. But, what truly defines home?  Is it physical reminders?  Is it by sight as you drive past landmarks and […]
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