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Where the Path Leads

We encounter paths and options at every turn and we are stopped by fear and indecision. The ability to choose a direction and move forward and not look back is a gift. But when we stand at the crossroad with multiple unknown horizons our life stops and becomes stagnant and we become lost. Steeped in […]
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Poem – What is Beyond this Current State

Frozen in time. Where do we go from here? A chance to reassess our place. What is beyond here? Beyond here becomes what we choose.

Poem – What We Choose

Beyond the objects and projections we see there lies the energy and matter, the ancient building blocks arranged in shapes denoted with absorption and reflection of light. What we see exists only at the moment. What we see is an extension of ourselves, of the same fragmented and scattered material coming together through the reality […]
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Poem – This Way Before

I have been down this path before that empty silent road leading nowhere and everywhere, the cold wind, the bare trees, and the sky merging with the earth – where does it end and where does it go? I have been in that state of disconnect, beyond lost, detached from people, from reality, from myself, […]
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Quotes – From Inside the Grass Hut

Reading “Inside the Grass Hut” by Ben Connelly, an analysis of Shitou’s “Song of the Grass-Roof Hermitage”.  When we look out a window or sit in a small space, it includes you and the entire world, the entire universe.  What you do in that moment impacts you, the space, and the world, and you yourself […]
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Book Update

Work on my first collection of poems titled “Beyond the Border Kingdom” has finally gained some traction.  I am almost complete with the second draft and the introduction.  To aid in writing and concentration, I found some new music, most notably three albums by Geomatic: “64 Light Years Away”, “Blue Beam”, and “Cosmochemistry”. The draft […]
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Poem – Mirror

The mirror is still and silent. The mirror has no voice. The mirror follows me neither of us has a choice. I watch myself watching me. The mirror reflects the sky reflecting the sea. Passing time has brought changes and distance the face grey with wrinkles this person makes less sense. How did I get […]
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Poem – Intersections

At the intersection I woke to a wall cloud filled not with rain but fragments of some life I did not recognize… they elicited no emotion, only confusion, a detached sense of being… I watched the images for hours – people, faces, death, and birth. ~ I watched children play in the cold water of […]
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Poem – Circle

The path I now walk circles and oscillates between two lives I struggle to be a part of I struggle to define. Each has merits and fulfillment each brings me closer to the being my past and my future conspired to create, so why do I struggle in the present? That life I judge myself […]
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Poem – Untitled #2

(1) When evening light scatters across the horizon hidden behind the treeline moving to the wind and free of clouds, the orange disk fills my eyes with a field neither land nor sea but made of light and our feet walk gently upon this, though I do not see you my hand holds something and […]
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