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Poem – Across the Empty Field

I see a shadow sitting beneath a tree. The tree does not move and the shadow is still. Many moons and suns pass before I walk across the field through snow and over rocks, littered with objects of vague significance, they continue to gather and multiply until I am no longer able to reach myself.

The Great Mystery

This was written by Hanakia Zedek, a great friend, brother, and being with no place. http://www.edgemagazine.net/2014/03/the-great-mystery/ To me, the idea of god is no mystery. We simply project our egocentric ideas of self onto a universal model and blam: you have gods relative to belief and culture. The real mystery is all of that space […]
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Poem – Reflection

The calendar turns an arbitrary delineation time passing one numbered year to another. Moving through and beyond this system of numerals the flow becomes more chaotic, less understood, more beautiful. When the meaning is removed when each layer is peeled away we find inside everything we hope for, everything we dream of, everything we can […]
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Poem – Where is the Path?

The burning city settles below the horizon as evening darkens trees and empty streets. ~ Lost into haze I let go and allow instincts to guide me through each day, unaware of each step and each mile that passes, I arrive and I leave this space. ~ I see black shadows across the ceiling, in […]
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Random Thoughts

Fall has taken over Minnesota and what on average are the hottest days of the year, has become 50s and rain. A taste of early fall perhaps, and then a head-first plunge into winter, my favorite season. As I have written about before, cold weather, and in particular winter, is when awareness of ourself becomes […]
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Winter Forever?

An early morning trip north, yielded a few surprises – It can snow in May in MN! Ice pellets and snow flakes dotted the semi blue and grey sky above the tallest of the pine trees. Meanwhile, our clothing was being attacked by deer and wood ticks. We recorded the first snow fall in October […]
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Poem – For Patricia

I see a stone path through the graying clouds this near November day. I remember the day smothered by black clouds torn from the sky. I watched you dance in the cold rain pooling with no care of those watching. Swirling faster as the rain fell harder until collapsing in a heap. Perfect silence as […]
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Searching and Finding

Surrounded by Zen and Buddhism magazines, books reviews, and the latest issue of Edge Magazine, I pause for a moment. What am I looking for? Is there a concrete reason all of these words, images, advice, poems, other peoples lives, surround me? What do I take from this? I continue my studies of Zen Master […]
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Dreams: Our Reality

Dreams: Path or Reality What will it take to trust this path? How many more years will I take the steps carefully, always watchful, before I finally give in and trust, not only this direction, but more importantly, myself? Dreams far beyond my physical reach are an integral part of each day. I have read […]
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Reasons, Forgotten

Why do we hang on to things?  Why do we hold some reservation or ill-well toward others, even with the passage of time?  As an example, and something that triggered this: the other morning while walking the dog around the block, I saw one of our neighbors.  I thought to myself, without hesitation, that I […]
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