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Poem – Mountain Dust

Mountains cast their shadows across my face as the distant river fills the canyon heading toward the sea. The path these feet follow, paved years before by faces I do not know, yet I feel their presence and hear voices scattered to the ancient wind. If I peeled away the layers of each universe would […]
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Poem – Revolution Rooted in Ancient Lands

40 Days become 40 years and the revolution/transformation I began culminates from the mountain peak. Into the valley life flows as the new sun rises over the range. Caribou continue their thousand mile trek across vast swaths of land following their ancestors hoofs. I teeter on this ridge and see beyond the glacier fed waters […]
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Poem – Mars

Random Thoughts of Mars, life, its origination Steeped in science fiction stories and the books of lore. On a peaceful and sunny day, scattered clouds thin I looked at the sky toward things I could not physically see and pictured you, dear Mars. The center of attention. Ancient questions of the human race surface with […]
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