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Poem – Winter into Spring

As winter becomes spring and ponds become home to wildlife and the ground reaches for the sky, thoughts turn to distant lands north of the arctic circle surrounded by mountains and tundra home to herds of caribou and the midnight sun above snow-capped peaks.

Arctic Wild

For my next trip to Alaska I will be going through Arctic Wild which is based out of Fairbanks.  They recently revamped their website with more information and photos.  Please visit and take a look – http://arcticwild.com

Transition – Chaos

I have spent many hours the past few weeks, in quiet contemplation.  Setting aside books, news, papers, pen; I allowed the environment, consisting of the wind, rain, snow, temperature, sun, moon, bird calls, raven squawk – any event to rummage around inside and surface an emotion or memory. Years have passed and some memories are […]
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