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Poem – Boundaries

The boundary between the empty field and the old pine forest transports me from the confines of my mind into the ancient memories of childhood. Walking between the giants, they hold up the sky as I listen to each one and feel the warmth rising from the earth. They were here before me and they […]
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Poem – What is Still, Still Moves

Heart of winter is ironic as nothing moves in this cold there is no hot blood though veins keeping extremities alive. As I stand frozen on the patio even my breath escapes slightly before the immortalized words hang in the air. There is a shift in what you see when the clearest blue sky collides […]
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Poem – An Eye Turned Inward

It is frighteningly easy to give up hope and lose a sense of place and purpose when the earth is scorched and the people are lost. Miles and oceans separate lives, cultures, borders, and tragedies. Arbitrary definitions aim to keep lines drawn and natural tendencies in check, but this only suppresses the internal instincts, the […]
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Poem – Excerpt from Beyond

The following is an excerpt from the upcoming book “Beyond the Border Kingdom”. I look over the empty sea void of waves and ships and imagine you walking from the horizon toward me, gaining shape and definition, yet still a shadow, a faceless being that I have attached the label of “you” to but my […]
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Poem – Border

The border defining a boundary the line between worlds, realms, our consciousness exists only in our minds a projection of the hardship we impose, we feel, further defined and limited by action or inaction.

Poem – Definition

If I say I am without boundary, how will you define me? If I say I do not hear the words you say, am I still listening? If I look eastward, whose direction is it? If I swing my arm through the air, are you the only one feeling the movement? I exist here – […]
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