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Poem – Christmas Star Dust

Snow lays upon the grassesscattered across the fieldsof peace, hope, and love. I stand here beneath the late December skyfilled with clouds holding the forestand I inhale a moment free of chaos. What this all means finally breaks throughfilling my mind with joy, resolve, and a reminderthat we are all equal, here, and from the […]
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Poem – Home

In the first minutes of light time stops and I cease to exist as a physical presence and become a flicker in the air. Without name or boundaries I now exist free and at home.

On “Dualism”

I am reading the “Cultivating the Empty Field” for the second time, and also Dogen’s “Moon in a Dewdrop”. From this perspective I have been working to understand Dualism and Nondualism. In a nutshell, here are my thoughts, and I want to see if I am even close to understanding the basic concepts. In Nondualism: 1. […]
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Our Land First

Downtown, we run free under the streetlamps at each corner and intersection highlighting the one-way, the no u-turn, the merge the detour, the not open for business, the no parking the yes you can park, but please insert your money, the VIP parking only. We run free at the hours you tell us we can […]
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