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Gathering in the Woods

We take leave and the forest fills with silence and evening light. Soon the ground comes to life as nature gathers before sunset.

Poem – Gather

12/18/13 Today we bury my uncle. Deep blue sky the day after a full moon. Fire across the horizon burning purple behind the snow covered limbs and rooftops. A raven flies high above rising smoke and the city’s chatter. Solitude and peace infused with sorrow and the ache of loneliness. We gather in the morning […]
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Poem – Fire, #1

The gathering around the stone circle Each tells a story in turn and the others listen closely, intently. Silent agreement with folded hands, clear hooded minds and the thickening smoke pushes each inside with eyes closed. I peer through the smoke at the blackening sky concealed by city lights and city of industries. What is […]
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