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Poem – The Old Barn (Part 1)

Rewrite of a poem from 5-years ago along with a new photo. The Old Barn An old abandoned barn lies on the east side of town, at the end of Baker’s road, where the tar abruptly changes to gravel, dusty this time of year as rain has been scarce and the crops are wilting. Coming […]
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Whittier, Alaska – Past and Present

On a recent trip to Alaska, we visited Whittier. Accessible by auto through a one-way tunnel also servicing the railroad, tourism and fishing call people to visit and enjoy the gateway to Prince William Sound. Of note is the Buckner Building, a remnant of WWII that is off-limits.

Poem – Blood

Time passes with nothing, with no stake in what happens next. It is pure in its motivations, its actions, and its silence. Yet we tie and bind time to history, marked points of moments and events and ask the question: “Do you remember that time when…?” Time is a bystander to what we choose do […]
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