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Jackson Pollock Poem – Black 1912

Shadow handcuffs removed visible light vanquished every days truth challenged the mirror turns inside out. In the year of 1912 what was known understood, even accepted, began to shift. Paradoxes emerged and the human mind sourced from beyond these four walls, sparse apple trees planted last fall, the blood-red sky of early winter morning – […]
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The Story of Joline

In 1993, while taking a poetry class at the U of M, I started an epic poem about mankind’s history, called the “Proven Life”.  Though it is still not finished almost 20-years later (which seems somewhat appropriate), the central character was a girl named Joline.  Over the ensuing years, she has visited some poems, and […]
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“Beloved” through words and images

Robyn Lee of Through The Healing Lens was kind enough to ask about paring a poem of mine with her photo “Beloved”.  Please view the collaboration here.


How much time passes, how many miles of field do we cross, before noticing the footsteps leave no prints upon the snow?