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Poem – Downward Eyes

From the highest peaks and the lowest depths. From the valleys and the oceans. We cast downward eyes as her voice is heard. When our heads rise we see her presence we hear her voice we know what we should do.

Technology – Lightning and Magsafe Adapter Saver

A sweet campaign on Indiegogo for a simple shield to put on Apple lightning and Magsafe adapters to prevent bending and breakage.  Great as it helps them to last longer, especially the Magsafe power adapters for notebooks as I have had bending issues, and less waste and garbage in the environment, More information – Lightning […]
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Poem – Questions

Questions litter the sandy ground like fallen leaves curled and brown. I walk around them, careful to not step on unanswered questions. For now I am the winter solstice plunged into the dark, avoiding light until the next transition arrives. That path I place both feet upon now crumbles with each step. What do we […]
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