Autumn Thoughts

Speeding through November with December around the corner, a pause is warranted in the daily flow to reflect, to think, to breath.

The sun settles into the horizon earlier as darkness consumes more time and the cold encourages us to seek more warmth within ourselves.

The day emerges slowly with orange and purple streaks as the light first touches treetops and barren branches covered with frost.

Thankful to be part of this scene, I kneel before one of thousands of trees working together, place my hand gently on the bark and say thanks.

A moment of silence through the shadows crossing my face says more than words I can write or speak in a lifetime.

As I wander this maze of fields and trees I come upon a boundary of sorts, a transition of one landscape to another, from the empty fields to the mature forest, and I pause.  I close my eyes and I breathe deeply, the cool autumn air into these city-depleted lungs, filled with concrete and glass, from industry. 

Here I am in nature’s playground, surrounded by the animals I can only hear and not see, and she allows me to be in peace, allows me to be a small part of this living and breathing organism, interconnected in ways we struggle to understand, even as it becomes more vital for survival.  For this awareness and lesson, for this respite, I am eternally thankful.

Poem – In the Silence

In the stationary silence

I seek answers that already

lie at me feet.

I look for skies that already

fill my vision.

And I seek truth to my purpose

that has played out for hundreds of years.

What hands move the pieces in this universe?

What hands guide the universes along the surface

of the vast oceans and between each grain of sand?

Poem – Through the Shadows

I walk through the shadows
closing the path.

The silence consumes reason,
replaced with fear and awareness.

I walk through the shadows
as a visitor seeking nothing

more than solitude and the
desire to fall within my thoughts

until they are scattered into the forest
and consumed by these shadows.

I walk through the shadows
a fragment of my self

until I become one with each tree
and the creatures pass unbothered.

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Poem – What the Fields Hide

Leaving behind the city
we pass the line separating
concrete and dirt path.

Recent snow has hardened and crunches
with each step.

I pause and silence myself
and hear ravens nearby.

I pause and hold my breath
and imagine what secrets are beneath the empty field.



Poem – Through Silence

Through silence I find
the universe’s voice and
when balanced it is
a reflection of myself.

Midnight sky. White dots.
So many they blend into
a haze across what
astronomers measure in parsecs –
whatever the official distance or definition
I know this –

I stand in awe at the heavens,
the light, and energy I feel
as warmth, the darkness filled
with particles, the part I play
as something made with the same
particles and the connection I feel
to water’s continuous motion as the
sky falls into the sea and the sea
consumes my body.

2014-10-10 14.24.33

2014-10-12 18.09.00

Poem – Gate

The Gate

The Gate

Passing the building made of stone
outlines of people in the windows.
Are they watching the patch-robed
monk passing by?

What experiences brought them here?
What truths do they have?

When the seasons change for the
last time of the present life,
experience, truth, non-truth – merge
a final push to reach further
down the path.

The road leads where the mind thinks
in not thinking the road disappears.

The snowy fields beyond the
closed gate neither sing nor cry.
They wait silently.

Even the falling snow makes no sound.

And the echo you hear is my heart racing
as I stand at the closed gate.

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