I hear the news and
see static images of
people, real people,
cast into life
changing and ending
moments, and with no
visible or obvious connection
between us, except being human,
except occupying this earth,
I cry.

I cry slow tears when –

the raven filled sky descends upon the earth.
the sun settles between bare branches.
the moon takes over watch.
the stars paint the night sky.

2015-03-13 18.37.46

What demons  did you finally succumb to?

Did you give so much to the world, to people, that there was nothing left for yourself?

May you finally rest in peace and look down upon the earth and see the tears and hear the laughter and voices speak of the impact you had on all of us.

Robin Williams
Robin Williams

I am petrified,
The walls surrounding me
Reaching towards Heaven and Hell

Thoughts consumed,
Turn towards the past
What I had and lost and what I gave up

I see her image,
Like I remember
Her warm touch,
Her warm tears upon my cheek

A deep voice to protect me
Further back I travel to main
Beige house, apple tree out back
Familiar faces, voices
I feel secure, safe

Fast forward 4 years of my life
Your smile my savior
Your lies my death
Your purging our death

Back again I go
Memories becoming clearer
The onslaught beginning
That day burned into my mind,
My soul
My heart forced to bleed,
The decision made,
Too late to change

I let you go before
You had a chance
Your breath tiny
Your limbs frail

Heart in my palm
Butterfly wings slowly
Pushing and pulling

Why do you haunt the thoughts
I cannot control

Years pass, not enough time to heal
Daily struggle
To keep my sanity
The tears always there,
Waiting to run

You above,
Peering down
Watching my moves
Watching my heart bleed
Will there ever be another chance?