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Poem – Connections

Regardless of what the trail is made of, it connects us to the earth, guides us through the forest, allows us to be within.

Dogs of Summer #3

North to the St. Croix River we headed on a perfect grey and rainy summer morning. With just one puppy for this trip, Vinny and I quickly hiked 6.5 miles through prairie, forest, and along the river. For Vinny, the world is a buffet and she tasted all nature had to offer.

Dogs of Summer #2

On a somewhat grey and dreary day we headed north to the fields and trails near the Wild River, the St. Croix. Alone on sandy trails well suited for horses, we circled the empty field through the forest and made our way to the river. Beneath the grey sky, we felt the presence of life, […]
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Poem – Black Swan

Emerging from the prairie and the ancient oak roots. numb, cold, senses fall away, the threads loosen, bonds stretched, there is light out there, somewhere, but here, where I stand, the shadows gather and meander in tight patterns around my feet and over my head, into the canopy, and cold infiltrates each layer and as […]
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