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Poem – Fragments from Absentia 19

(1) In this dream I watched your silhouette dress. Sounds of the streets below carried by the autumn wind. We had a place to be but I do not remember where. I caught a glance of your eyes in the mirror and the soft blue with a hint of smile told me this was not […]
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Poem – Absentia #20

I remember the music filling the room and the flickering lights across the throng of dancing people as we walked through the crowd embracing while the bombs fell around us. We did not know until they came in and shutdown the music and the strobes and announced that we could not leave that we must […]
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Poem – Absentia #5

Absent of sight I push the last images away – move through false realities, scattered light dissipates and in the hands I believe to be mine, my fragments rest.

Poem – Absentia #2

Absent of light the canvas becomes black – in the blackness there is not nothing – there is everything we choose to show, to expose, to translate from the memories and images into a masterpiece – who can judge art when colors, shapes, lines, splatters, and disconnected images are the hands interpretation of the mind’s […]
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Poem – Absentia #1

Absent of light the earth gathers itself reaching out to dark corners and pulling back that which strayed. Before light returns she counts each being and sighs before it begins again.