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Beyond the Border Kingdom – Poem 3 Posted

From the collection”Beyond the Border Kingdom“. Into the Wild Beyond Here The Border Kingdom

Beyond the Border Kingdom – Poem 2 Posted

From the collection”Beyond the Border Kingdom“. Into the Wild Beyond Here

Poem – The Border Kingdom

(1) We drive the dusty road east from the mountains toward the flat land not divulging any secrets from this distance. Still morning the intense sun withers fallen vegetation and quickly dissipates dew clinging to cactus needles. We have not spoken since the pass where we studied the horizon surveying what we left behind and […]
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Poem – Excerpt from Beyond

The following is an excerpt from the upcoming book “Beyond the Border Kingdom”. I look over the empty sea void of waves and ships and imagine you walking from the horizon toward me, gaining shape and definition, yet still a shadow, a faceless being that I have attached the label of “you” to but my […]
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Book – Updated Introduction and Scope

A single tree in the middle of an otherwise empty field. A creek covered with brush and fallen trees. A winter evening lit by distant stars. A death within your soul. The raven’s wing near your skin. A life lived within borders and confines, is still a life. But is that life near high levels […]
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Book Update

Work on my first collection of poems titled “Beyond the Border Kingdom” has finally gained some traction.  I am almost complete with the second draft and the introduction.  To aid in writing and concentration, I found some new music, most notably three albums by Geomatic: “64 Light Years Away”, “Blue Beam”, and “Cosmochemistry”. The draft […]
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Book Teaser – Beyond the Border Kingdom

The poem below is a teaser from my first collection that will be published in a couple of months.  I am finishing up the selection list and completing the final edits.  It will be titled “Beyond the Border Kingdom” and is an attempt to look beyond the daily struggle, the lack of answers, too many […]
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Poem Published – The Border Kingdom

I am humbled and honored to have a rather lengthy poem, titled “The Border Kingdom”, published in the Sikkim Literary Journal.  Special thanks to Dweep Mustang ( Sanctum of Art ) for asking me to submit some work.