Tag: coming home

  • Poem – Waiting

    Across the sea of sand and water thousands of miles away weeks and months may pass before we hear your voice. To forget about the time and placate our worried and disjointed thoughts we look for your face and hopefully a smile in someone’s photograph.

  • What I am Thankful For

    As with many people, I am taking this time to reflect on life and what I am thankful for.  I am in the same camp that wishes a day did not have to be set aside for us to take this time.  Why can we not be thankful each day, not only for the people…

  • Don’t forget your boots

    The long walk through the valley overshadowed by the mountains. Don’t forget your boots. Sand upon sand the layered earth covers fragments, shells, and mines. Don’t forget your boots. I do not pretend to understand or relate I have not been there – I am here gazing at the stars washed in the moonlight filled…